Your Writing Area is More Important than You Think

I think most writers have a “spot” where they get their writing done. Maybe an office. Maybe a bedroom. Maybe on the couch in the family room. Maybe in the east wing of a magical palace (if so…share the love and let me move in?????)

This “spot” is important. It’s where you will construct a masterpiece, write the next great American novel, or pull your hair out and toss the pages of your manuscript all over the room.

Or just lie helplessly on the floor and groan (last Friday was a rough night…)

But….can’t that be done anywhere? Like, besides a coffee shop??? (Pulling your hair out might cause some attention.). Well, in theory. But it’s not the best way. The best way, is to have a special place for you and your writing

I’m mean if you have a separate room for laundry and cooking (unless you live in a shoebox apartment, and in that case you can at least make it appear to be separate).

And why not do it the best way??

Once again here is a comprehensicve lists and as you can see I love lists. And bullets points. And things that are nicely organized (in other words not how I organize my writing).


We writers really like mood (hence all the aesthetic pinterest boards). But not everyday fits that mood. I would like it to be dark, stormy and rainy. Maybe some fog. Leaves.  shaking in the wind.

But most of the of the times it’s sunny and the birds are singing and everything is so happy like what the heck I’m writing a really sad scene here why won’t the clouds help out.

Your “spot”. Your spot is your mood. Maybe the natural light doesn’t suit you, but the colors around you can. Textures, images, they can salvage some of that.

It helps on the days you really just don’t feel like it.


Obviously we can’t rid ourselves of all distractions (I’m looking at you, Mr. Golden Sun) and maybe you’re juggling laundry, kids, writing, and what-have-you and there’s just no way to fix that.

But you can at least be comfortable while your at it.

For a while I just had a chair to write in. Or I would sit on the floor with a…mini table??? (IDK. I removed the legs off a coffee table I found in the trash and viola, mini table). This worked, but it was getting frustrating.

I needed a desk. And though I felt kinda broke after I bough it, it was the best decision EVER.

If you don’t even have somewhere comfortable to sit…it’s gonna be ugly.


The great thing is that art can be done ANYWHERE. You can paint in an old basement or on the banks of the Seine.

And the same is with writing.

But…you deserve to make it official. You’re a writer, it’s your job.


If you get an office cubicle working as an account, I think you can have a “spot” for your writing. It’s a lot of hard work and you need the space for it.

And it also makes you feel awesome.

Peace out,


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