Editing Pains

So I started editing the brick/beast/giantstackofpapersthatismynovelandortrilogyIDK.

The Green Crow, I mean, ahem.

I kinda feel like I actually have no idea what I’m doing and I’m just wondering where that handbook for “an easy way  to edit your novel” is…Library maybe? JK  I don’t think it exists.

Anyway. The editing has begun and there is no turning back *cue climatic music*.

Now I just have to deal with the growing pains.

WHY???? Why are they the bane of existence????!!!

For some reason when you start reading through things you realize all the horrible and ridiculous names you gave characters and places.

So you have to rename them. And. I. Just. Can’t. Stand. Naming. Things/People.

giphy (23)

A Memoir by Yours Truly

Exhibit A:

FullSizeRender (28)

Exhibit B:

FullSizeRender (27)
What’s the new plot again??????

giphy (22)

Because apparently I can’t remember anything about anything I wrote down a couple days ago. I have a problem.

Foreshadowing? Forget it man. I’ll never remember what on earth I was talking about. (Unless I write it down. But then, where did I write it down? In my notebook? In the other notebook? The binder? On the computer? Which folder? WHERE IS IT????).

*writers flee to the hills*

Sometimes you read your writing and it just sounds amazing. You’re so happy and you get up and dance and run down the street with a banner into the sunset.

And sometimes, you’re just like…um, what?

Exhibit A:

“He fell of his horse as if fallen dead”

We’re just going to leave that there.

Maybe this is just my problem…

Add 20 pages, delete 10 pages. Add 500 words, delete 200…JUST HOW LONG/SHORT IS THIS NOVEL???? I WANT TO KNOW. And I was proud of my 160,000 length novel. But now it’s 158,000. But that’s good right?? It needs to be shorter, right??? But 160,000 had such a nice ring to it!!!

I have word count probs.

*When the coffee runs dry and your eyeballs fall out*

Because you wrote the thing and you read the thing and you rewrote the thing and read the thing and rewrote the thing and IF I HAVE TO READ THIS SCENE ONE MORE TIME I MIGHT LOSE MY MARBLES.

….where did I put those marbles….hmm….

Honestly yeah editing can just be terrible.

giphy (24)

Good luck.

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2 responses to “Editing Pains”

  1. I related to this way too much. I’m full on rewriting my WIP and it’s miserable! I need to lengthen mine (which is the opposite problem most people have) so I’ve been adding scenes. But I’ve also been cutting out so much useless phrasing that it’s been getting SHORTER. How does this happen?? *sigh* Well, at least I’m not alone in my editing pains. Thank you so much for the post :)


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