Things I Didn’t Know About Writing Fantasy

I write mostly fantasy. *notices piles of sci-fi manuscripts* *notices piles of old horse stories from my younger days.*(let’s try this again).

I write fantasy, among other things. There’s a lot to learn about the genre, world building and all that glam. My beginnings with writing it were a bit…rough? Cliche?

To continue last week’s theme, let’s look at everything I got wrong (Or learned? Let’s do learned. Sounds less patronizing).

Here’s what I learned.


giphy (13)

Everyone in fantasy runs around in chain mail and cloaks and fancy dresses right? I mean, well, I guess if you want to…

But chain mail is heavy, capes get caught on things, and so do dresses. Sounds really uncomfortable. Your characters can wear whatever you darn want them to wear. (Though, if your writing a high fantasy I wouldn’t suggest skinny jeans. Maybe leather pants. Now cowboy hats either).


giphy (14)

*disclaimer, I actually really like swords and sword fighting scenes. Jack Sparrow and Will. Errol Flynn. Aragon. Azog vr Thorin (NO I’M NOT CRYING THERE’S JUST SOMETHING IN MY EYE) Good times*

Swords are…cumbersome. Long. Kinda fancy and expensive. Not ideal for traveling with, nor for sneak attacks (stilettos anyone?). There are so many weapon choices out there. Get creative.


giphy (17)Seriously, there are other types of governments.

I’m just sick of kings, queens, and princesses and princes. And knights. Democracy? Parliaments? Clans? TOTALITARIANISM???


giphy (15)

Because you HAVE TO have elves, fairies, dwarves, mermaids, unicorns, dragons, and anything else you can think of!!! All the magic!!!

UM NO. If your world lacks a surplus of magical creatures, you are not committing treason. I mean, every fantasy world can’t have everything, right?



giphy (18)Contrary to popular opinion, you do not have to make up ALL your names. Even Tolkien didn’t make up all of his (a lot of them are old English, such as Eomer and Theoden).

For pete’s sake he named someone Bill Ferny.

Bill. Real, regular name. It is alright to have your character’s names pronounceable.


And there you have all the things I thought and practiced and found out weren’t as true as I originally thought they were and then decided to do something different which ended me up with a giant manuscript which still has to be edited.

giphy (16)

Peace out,


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3 responses to “Things I Didn’t Know About Writing Fantasy”

  1. Number 2 is the hardest for me. I want to explore alternative weapons, but that would mean research:P (I mean, I should be researching swords, too, but surely all the fantasy I’ve read has given an accurate portrayal, right? RIGHT?) Excellent post!

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Oh research. Such a pain XD.

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