When the Plot Bunnies Don’t Show Up

Plot bunnies. You either love them or you hate them.

The problem is, they tend to come at inopportune times. (such as sleeping or during Zumba class). But when you need them, most often they are no where to be seen.

Don’t give up hope! Not all is lost. When the bunnies seemed to have left the building, you have a few options (despair is not listed).


Go on a walk. Make sure you bring lots of carrots, but don’t searched through the bushes for the little furry things. They tend to stay away when wanted.
The best way is just to continued on like everything is fine *internal screaming*. Eventually, when you feel things following you, you know you did it right.

*Please bring keys to your home so you don’t get locked out*

*Going to the gym counts, but it’s a little embarrassing when the bunnies start running behind you on the treadmill. Some people just don’t understand*

giphy (9)


Listen to AWESOME music (I’ll take a heavy dose of Hans Zimmer thank you).

This is great, except the bunnies tend to flock faster than you can handle, and you’ll be sure to run out of carrots. They also tend to be for the wrong story.

giphy (6)



Get a cup of coffee. (Tea or water are suitable substitutes). As you sit and brood over your drink (I’ll admit it’s a little hard to brood over a glass of water), if a furry little nose comes over the lip of your cup, your in luck.

giphy (10)


Fling yourself dramatically on the floor and stay there.

This is an act of true desperation. Hopefully you will fall asleep, wake up in time for dinner, and then with a full belly the bunnies will start rolling back in, furry tummies full of carrots.

giphy (11)


START SCRIBBLING. Just write it down. What’s happening? Where are your characters? Bunnies are attracted to the sound of pens scratches, and will start crawling out of the recesses of your room (or closet if your room lacks recesses. If you don’t have a closet, they might start banging on the windows.) Hopefully one of them will bite the pen and start writing for you.

giphy (12)


Just stop.

The bunnies are on vacation for a day. They left a note that they’ll be back tomorrow.

Find something productive to do like buying more carrots.


Keep writing. The plot bunny is there on your desk, but it fell asleep. Continual hitting of the computer keys might wake it up.

Lazy bunnies.

giphy (5)

AND….there is your comprehensive list of how to get those plot bunnies back to work. Don’t forget to feed them and pet them often (otherwise they feel neglcted and will leave)

****GOOD LUCK!****


giphy (8)

(as you jump off into the abyss)

giphy (4)


Peace out,

PS. I apologize to my sister, this post may have given her a cardiac arrest (she loves bunnies, the REAL ones) (Yeah, the “in real life” ones. Like, Oryctolagus cuniculus.) (That’s a really long scientific name).

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5 responses to “When the Plot Bunnies Don’t Show Up”

  1. Can’t get enough of your bunny pics.


    1. Haha! Glad you enjoyed them. :)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this post, especially all the photos! You had me laughing!! Always good to have a sense of humor on these kinds of days!


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