As you know….I finished the Red Dream! Which means I have a complete first draft of the Green Crow trilogy.
But….before I plunge into editing and revising, I’m setting the MS aside for a while, in a dark drawer where no one will find it (it is actually sitting in the middle of my room, tied up with yarn, and staring at my every second of the day. No one has tripped on it so far). Between the time I start editing and now, I’m going to be writing posts related to it. Here is the first!

*Five things you didn’t (I don’t think at least) know about the Green Crow trilogy.*


It was originally called Green Crows and White Creatures. It was supposed to be a short story. Then a novel, and then a trilogy. Now it’s just a monster.


It is 766 standard pages and 365,780 words. (It’s the size of Bleak…will editing make the books longer or shorter? I have NO FLIPPING CLUE.)


My inspiration was kinda weird. It’s a mix of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and the original Broadway Into the Woods.


It took my five years to write, beginning in the spring of 2013 and ending on May 30, 2017. (One day ahead of schedule!!!)


My MC’s first and middle name are “Hugh Varden”. Together, they literally mean “fire from the green hill” which I think is really cool.

He’s also the only character with a middle name. *cringes a little*

Peace out,


*Stayed tune next week for (drum roll) AESTHETICS!*

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