#WIPjoy: April Roundup.

(Woke up and realized it’s Wednesday and I have no idea for a blog post)


It’s May, which means #WIPjoy (hosted by the wonderful Bethany A. Jennings) is over.

Because I didn’t think of a blog post for this week (it’s Tech week. All theater and dance people raise their hands), here’s a roundup for my #WIPjoy posts during April.

I focused on the Red Dream . (The third in my fantasy trilogy, I hope to have the first draft done by the end of June. It’s looking well).
(I missed a few posts btw).

3: (I missed TWO days in a row? Gee). A picture that reminds me of the Red Dream (especially the main character Hugh) (image is not mine. Courtesy of Nicole Cambre)

4: “Inland” really is THE song for Hugh. It’s perfect. via

5: A snippet.


Sight: mountains
sound: unearthly cries
taste: spices
smell: lakes
touch: fire

8: (What may future readers like?) if you like dragons, creepy mountains, swashbuckling adventure, and a healthy dose of emotional turmoil, is it!

9: (The greatest amount of pain a side character has felt) Felim “when all my siblings were killed on the day of the Destruction, and I found them dead in our home.”
(Sad one, eh?)

10: (Something with food) Hugh drunk from the tankard.The wooden bowls were filled with hot stew, potatoes, kale, onion, fish from the morning’s catch.

11: (Can’t remeber what this one was….) Lenra “I love exploring the woods and playing tricks on my siblings. That is, before my twin brother Krendrick died.”

16: It begins on the Athul Islands. Forested, mountainous, and misty. The port is full of ships sailing to other lands and isles.

17: (First thing I knew) I knew that there would be ships, and that there would be a an exotic land called Shaharia.

18: (What place would I like to visit?) Probably Hillith. It’s the only remaining Northerner village, located between the mountains and the sea.


20: (three unique things)
1: White dragons
2: Modern and medieval weaponry
3: Gypsies!!!

21: (Any history) There’s so much! *shuffles through notes* well, the Northerners once dug up a gem and it was stolen by a bunch of white dragons.

22: (If I could bring something into our world…) My MCs. I’d like to hang out with them (of course they’ll look at me like I murdered their families, which I did. Sorry guys).

24: (Plotter or panster? I can’t stand the word panster, btw) Hybrid. All the way. I usually start a project and just go, until it gets too complicated, then I stop and start to plan.

26: (A line that makes me smile) Durn never apologized for the mess, but she did offer him a cup of tea.

27: (something that every writer needs to hear) don’t let the fear of failure keep you away from what you love.

And……*drum roll* the END!!!!!


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One response to “#WIPjoy: April Roundup.”

  1. downstage1895 Avatar

    Super excited to read this WIP! White dragons are such a stark and startling image… and Hugh so intrigues me!


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