Writer Quirks

Have you ever noticed that writers do/have well, weird things? Habits?

“Quirks” that’s the word I’m looking for.

Yeah. We writers have quirks. Some are specific to us as individuals (like how I listen to all Hans Zimmer music basically on loop. All the time.) others are shared quirks.

Shared quirks. These are fun to talk about.


Notebooks are necessary in the world of writing. Also, beautiful, and bookstores sell far too many for us writers to resist purchasing (though how could anyone resist?).

What happens to all these notebooks that writers buy?

Well, if you’re me, they are scattered all over the room, filled with scribbles, notes, thoughts, and a generally menage of words. (very unorganized. Makes it difficult to remember or find anything.)

(Which is why I frequently forget my plot and accidentally raise characters from the dead).

2: Feeling unprepared leaving the house without a notebook.

A terrifying idea really. Without a notebook, every writer knows they are now vulnerable to bunny attacks (PLOT bunnies, not necessarily the cute, furry kind).

Leaving the house without a pen?

A writer is now vulnerable to zombie attacks.

3: Tea and Coffee.

Is it the caffeine? Is it the taste? The warmth? The general vibe it gives off?

We may never know, but every writer raves about their coffee and tea. For me, it’s a bit of everything (the caffeine is a bit of a sham though, considering I have fallen asleep after a cup of coffee).

4: Sweatpants.

Well, I’ve heard writers who differ, but I like to be as comfortable as possible when I’m writing. Sweatpants, blankets, soft pillows. Make me comfy and cozy while I start a war and finish up that firefight from last night.

(Summertime? All the fans and a LOT of water.)

5: Rain.

MOOD. COLOR. THUNDER. Everything cool happens when it’s raining right? Writer’s have a obsession with moody and misty weather.

*sips coffee, looks at rain streaking the windows*

6: Nighttime.

LATE. Or early? Writing till 2 am? You’re living the writer’s dream. Not if your me. I ain’t got time for staying up late cause I got to get up early. And I value sleep.

Though I loooove writing in the dark. In the night. Like an owl. Or like a bat (of course then I’d have to write upside down).

Night is for the creative mind, right?


Got quirks?

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2 responses to “Writer Quirks”

  1. My Quirk: like walking in the dark because I feel like I am alone with my story ideas


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