Writing Update 2017


It’s the third month of 2017. I feel like I haven’t written much in the last few months. But looking back, I actually have.
Here’s my progress and thoughts forthwith.

When the Crows Murdered the Moor

Boy, this has been exciting! It was formerly titled the Moor, which I wrote for this blog in a serial. It’s my first, completed, sci-fi story (It’s a novella, and also, my first novella. Apparently it’s the first of a lot of things. Maybe it will be the first to be published too!).
There was a struggle after I finished it. It needed editing, but the structure was sound. The problem was I didn’t know what it needed. I needed someone else to take a critical look at it.  Thanks to my sister (you go, Elizabeth) I landed myself with an editor and we started working on it together in January.
It has been awesome. She (my editor) was able to give me a different view of the story, that I so desperately needed.


Yes! I finally opened an account back in January. It’s been great. Find me at @BernadetteBenda

The Red Dream 

I started working on the Green Crow trilogy the spring of my freshmen year in high school. It’s been nearly four years. Four years of a lot of life changes. But the story itself, wow, it’s been pounding itself out.
I don’t think pounding is the right verb. Whatever.

My point is, the story has been going strong consistently. I’ve written the two first books, and am completing the third, the Red Dream. This third one has been….well, coming. After leaving college in the fall, working almost full time up till Christmas (did I mention I was in a ballet too?) and then having to delete 10,000 words back in January, it has been a bit of a rough go.
But I think that’s alright. I’m beginning to feel that urge of I just want to get it done.

My Blog 

Bought my own domain, changed to a professional name, and *drum roll* I can now add video.

This is my first video on here, and I have an announcement to make.

This video doesn’t exist

There you have it. If my voice sounds a bit stuffy, it’s because I have a cold right now. (currently, I’m nestled on the couch under not one, but TWO fleece blankets. This is where I am right now folks.)

Have a great week!


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