New Year. New Changes

This January I re-looked at my life and made my plans for the next few months. They’re pretty exciting, including the screenwriting  masterclass I’m taking  with Aaron Sorkin.

Among my plans are making the final steps to turn my blog professional. Which, after some attempts last night, didn’t go so well. But never mind. I had some stew, ranted about my problems sporadically for a few hours, and went to bed.
Now I have a new plan, and while I start to work on it, there are a few things you need to know:

  • New blog address! I am changing it to bernadettebenda/writer.
  • Premium time! I’m getting WordPress Premium, which means things should get fancy. I will have a domain (bernadettebenda/!!) and I will be adding videos.
  • I will be removing a lot of posts from my archives. Like the stuff that dates back to the dark ages….like, 2010. When we were all twelve.
  • I’m going to try and keep the look of the blog the same, or at least use the same photos.
  • They’ll be a few new things…including more info about my Etsy shop.
  • Barbossa will be sticking around. :)

The biggest one though is my name.

Yes, I have been lying to you all. My name is not Alp. I was not named after the mountains in Switzerland.
My name is Bernadette. Which is French. Which is still close to Switzerland. Not quite as mountain-ness sounding.

You will be hearing from me soon,

~Bernadette out.




One response to “New Year. New Changes”

  1. The site = *heart eyes emoji*
    So excited for you!


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