Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas has been great, let’s hope 2017 has some good times in store.

I will be starting some new things in January. I will be charging full-speed ahead for June. I plan to have a first draft of the Red Dream completed by then. With that I want to introduce the Green Crow Trilogy’s (Yes, it’s named now. I decided that like last night because I am sick of it not having a title so I just went for it) new mascot:

As you can see, he is still under the Christmas tree.

He does not have a name yet (I’m working on it. Something clever I hope. Something…literary.) He will accompany me as I give writing updates, especially updates on the Green Crow. I will have a formal introduction coming up!

The Moor, if anyone remembers it (I finished it only a year ago, guys) has been renamed to When the Crows Murdered the Moor (has a little more punch, right?). I finally set myself up with an editor and we will be starting on it in January.

Because…everything apparently happens in January.

To everyone I wish a blessed and happy New Year!


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