It’s November. It’s Nanowrimo.

I have a blog planned out, all poetic and about inspiration and such. But I’m not feeling it today, because I still have 667 more words to write, meat to eat, and ornaments to finish.
It’s only 4:30. I feel like it’s 7.

I hate daylight savings (it’s all Ben Franklin’s fault, you know).

So, as an easy (but still “fun” I guess) post, here is the playlist for my Nanowrimo novel Silver.

Fire -Ingrid Michaelson (I literally have listened to nothing else of her’s.)
Viva La Vida -Coldplay (Makes me think of mountains.)
Find Me – Gungor
Wayward and Torn -Gungor
Winter Sound – Of Monsters and Men
Bird Set Free -Sia
Sledgehammer – Rihanna
Holes in the Sky – form the Insurgent soundtrack
Backyard – Of Monster Men

And a ton of songs from Insurgent. They’re really quiet, and just kinda moody. Some of these songs make a lot of sense with the story (Bird Set Free) Others just fit with the vibe (Viva La Vida).

Vibe is everything, isn’t it?

~Alp out.


2 thoughts on “Silver Playlist

  1. This is such a fun idea! I’m currently listening to a collection of 80’s and 50’s music which doesn’t really fit my story very well but does provide the light atmosphere I’m going for :)


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