Here’s the scoop.

  • My favorite genre to write is high fantasy.
  • The past couple years I have been messing around with sci-fi.
  • I have some dystopian ideas too.
  • And I like poetry.

I’m currently working on a couple projects, minus whatever short stories or flash fiction I have on the side.

  • A high fantasy trilogy called the Green Crow. I just completed the first draft of all three books.
  • A sci-fi short story called When the Crows Murdered the Moor. Editing it now complete!
  • Silver, an urban fantasy. Currently it is a first draft.


Synopsis (of the Green Crow):

Screeches haunt the peaks of the Athul mountains. Hugh hears them everyday as he works on the merchant ship. Abandoned as a child by his father, he knows nothing of him, except the unnatural albino animals that are imported from his father’s breeding houses.
When a man  arrives from his father’s past, a retired pirate named Contro, Hugh is compelled to discover his past, and the secrets of the Islands, the Screeches. He is told is it all connected to one thing,  a being called the White Creature.
But when Hugh sets out, he find himself caught in an ancient war, and discovers that his own past encompasses much more than himself, and he is forced to decide to fight only for himself, but also for those caught in the crossfire of war.

But everything points back to the White Creature.

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