So I haven’t posted in about three weeks. I got a job and have been working on Sundays. With this new schedule, Tuesday may become my new posting day.

I am also redesigning my blog, for at least the five millionth time. This time I blame my sister, who just redid hers. Looks fabulous. Here’s a link:

I thought I would eventually grow out of this habit (of redoing my blog that is). That I would just change my header to match the current season (summer/fall). But it seems I haven’t. It’s like how for three years I re-decorated my room every two months. And I do not exaggerate.

Maybe it’s because there is seemingly endless opportunity. Endless new ideas. The constant possibility of improvement.
Which is actually a good way to look at writing. And life. Obviously though,Β most importantly your home decor.

I have an actual post planned, but I think I will wait till next week. I might post it on Thursday, but that depends how I feel/what I will be doing.

Almost forgot something. *drumroll*

Nanowrimo in 6 days!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun guys.



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