Nanowrimo 2016

First of all, how on earth are you supposed to pronounce that acronym??

As I mentioned earlier, I have decided to attempt to accomplish Nanowrimo this year. Never done. Never actually considered doing it. But today I am.
The Red Dream can take a break for a month, right?

Surprisingly, it didn’t take me too long to decide on what to write. I mean I have a store of ideas, I just thought it would be hard to pick one. But I thought I should choose something that has a pretty well defined plot and something I’ve been itching to write.


I know. It’s not a particularly brilliant name, but it embodies the story. I’m not too happy with the synopsis I wrote, so here is a very short excerpt.

I don’t have a name. Not one that actually belongs to me. I have one right now, in the pocket of my sweater, posted on a card. But it’s not mine. It has my face. But not my true name. So people call me Silver, because of my hair.
  That’s my cat’s name though. At least what I call her.

  She’s hiding beneath my feet right now. She’s not supposed to be on the train, but she can get in anywhere, just like me.

  I look up as the man in blue asks for my ticket. I hand it to him and look back out the windows. So many memories lie on those dark treetops. The man walks away, and I look down.

  Mountains, I must leave you. I’ll come back one day. I promise.

 I pull my hair over my shoulder and sit back. There’s no sun out, just a dark, stormy grey. Like bears, I think, roaming in the deep swells of the sky. It won’t rain though, not for a while yet. And I won’t reach my new home, for a while yet.

There you have it. Oh! and I have something else. A book cover.



Drew it last night.

Have a great week (or the rest of it) everyone!



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