I am going to be doing Nanowrimo this year. As such, I’ve started to outline my novel. At the moment it is titled Silver. More about that another week.

The main character (a.k.a the title character) has a name, but not her counterpart. So I have been name searching. And. I . Hate. It.

The name has to be just right. It can’t be entirely normal like Bob, nor fancy like Phillip. It has to set the right mood. It has to have a matching last name. It has endless qualifications that make it almost impossible to accomplish. But, I have compiled a list. Thought I would share the result of my efforts, which is that I still don’t have a name. But I have ideas (!).

First names are:
Killian (my sister is rolling her eyes)
Calixtus (too fancy?)

Last names are:
Fox (though I always think of “Lord Charles Fox” in a British accent)
Hood (Robin??)

What do you think? I’m not sure. Might do some more digging and scrolling through America’s top 80,999 surnames (the number is somewhat made up, but Smith is actually the number one name.)
I was going to mention something else…not sure what. Oh well.

That’s all folks.


Check out my storyboard for Silver on pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/alpmichael/silver/




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