I have mentioned before on this blog my fantasy trilogy  Green Crows and White Creatures.  I am currently on the first draft of the third book, the Red Dream.

I just put up the titles and brief (very brief) synopsis on the sidebar. (Drew them myself. Very proud). Right now I don’t have a detailed synopsis of the trilogy, nor an excerpt ready to share. So I am going to share its story of how it came to be, and what I discovered.

It was back in the spring of my freshmen year of high school. It was late evening, and I was waiting for my sister to arrive back from the airport. My WIP (work-in-progress) at the time was another fantasy story, but I was stuck. I was bored. I decided to write a short story…something mysterious, like the beginning of the Curse of the Black Pearl.
Remember Into the Woods? I thought. Let’s put some weird white cows in it.

This is why when people ask me where I get my inspiration I draw a blank. It’s random and inconsistent.

That short story was a turning point for me as writer. That night I wrote faster and better than I had ever done before. It’s as if I grew up five years in one night. All my characters came to life. My dialogue was more natural. In one moment I had found my style and voice.

I also found the story I had been looking for. Green Crows and White Creatures.

I think a lot of writers who like the Lord of the Rings have either tried or wanted to write something like it. Frankly, it’s impossible. It’s also cheating. I mean copying someone else’s work. That’s exactly what I had to figure out.
Before high school, in my infant days of writing, I worked on a fantasy epic. Classic high fantasy full of elves, dark lords, heroes, minions, quests, and important swords. Even though I had my own touches in it, nearly everything was of the style of Tolkien. I thought that if you wanted to create a fantasy world is had to be medieval. It had to have a language and a mythology. It had to have dark lords with heroic kings. And I loved the trilogy. I loved that type of story. I thought it was the greatest type of story. (Of course it is the greatest).

But I didn’t know why, and I didn’t till I started to work on Green Crows and White Creatures that spring night

The tipping point came a few days after I had started writing. I noticed that I could easily make it into a novel, instead of just a short story (or a trilogy, an over eager part of my mind whispered). And I discovered it was the fantasy trilogy that I had waited to come along.

It wasn’t the world itself that I wanted to write. It wasn’t the heroics or the quest. It was that the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit are adventures. They are journeys that begin nondescriptly, and you have no idea what could be next.
That is how my story began. About one man, with a few questions, and an inkling to find answers. It starts all with Hugh Gallagher, on a dull rainy morning.

And boy does it get out of control after that.

As a side note, I have been writing without chapters. I think it’s going to be a problem, because my scenes range from 2 pages to 20 pages.


Now you know all about it. I hope to post an excerpt or something in the next few weeks.

(I’m also leaving for college next weekend.)


If you want to know anything more about Green Crows and White Creatures and the rest of the books, feel free to visit their pinterest boards. Just click on the titles on the sidebar.

Thank you all,

Alp out.


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