I’ve been running this blog since I was 12. (Wow). Now this fall I will be heading off to college to double major in Film and Dance (Yes, I am not majoring in Creative Writing).

I’ve done this blog differently through the years, the last two years being dedicated to my sci-fi short fiction the Moor and lately my novel Raptor. It has been really great to share them both, and I want to thank everyone who has read them.
But honestly Raptor is too hard to write like this. It’s hard writing when you know someone is going to read it. Usually I just write something and if the line is really sappy or corny I know I can rewrite it later. Or if a scene doesn’t make sense. Or if its weird.

That’s the benefit of a first draft.

And there’s another reason: I am going to college. I will be writing papers, dancing and working out like a maniac, filming, and writing a trilogy (I’m on the third  book! First draft that is). And did I mention running an Etsy shop? So I am not going to be posting anything serially anymore. I do plan to post on Sundays every week (hopefully). I’ll post such things as:

  •  Progress in my WIPs. (Raptor, Green Crows, etc. )
  • Maybe some sample writings (bits of Raptor maybe).
  • Updates (such as I am going to post pictures of my senior dance recital soon.)
  • Anything writing.

And don’t you think it’s time that I change the look of my blog? I do. I like changing things up.

Next post, my sister and I in Washington D.C!

At the National Art Gallery, standing in front of class windows things sticking out of the ground. They were cool. 




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