(Side Note: I’ve missed a lot of weeks. College loan problems and dance recitals. More on that later.)

Elijah’s heart was racing. He wasn’t afraid of the gun above him, he was mad. Angry that the Correlation had shot him down and that they had found him so quickly. But he wasn’t going to let them take him, again.

“You are to return with us for reevaluation, and for re-planning. The Correlation may have a different project for you.”

Elijah heard the words. He didn’t like them and he didn’t respond. He heard a clink and saw a flash of steel as the Correlation agent with the gun tossed a pair of handcuffs to the one on Elijah. He grabbed Elijah to roll him over.
He felt the numbness leave his arm, and for a moment his hands were free. He flexed his talons.

Elijah grabbed the man’s arm first. He rolled back over and twisted the man away, with his claws deep in his flesh. The man frantically started hitting Elijah, and he let him, till the man tore himself away and screamed in pain. Elijah scrambled to his feet.

He started to run. The other agent went straight after him and jumped on him. They both fell on the ground, precariously close to the edge of the roof.
Get off the roof. Get off the roof. That’s all Elijah could think. Hardly even about the agent trying to get a grip on him, or the blood warm on his claws.

In the tussle, Elijah found himself rolled onto his stomach. Both agents were now on top of him. As they tried to get him still, Elijah reached out. He grabbed the edge of the roof. He knew he just needed to throw himself over. They yanked his other arm behind his back. Elijah gripped tighter. His claws clung to the concrete. Almost there.

As they were about to tear his hand away, Elijah gave a final push and before they could catch him he fell. He went straight down over the edge of the roof. It was all blackness as he fell down towards the ground. But his wings caught him and he glided downwards. He felt his feet touch down, and he ran.

The alley was dark and he couldn’t tell where he was going. But his pulse was speeding at an exhilarating rate. He could feel it in him, in the quickness of his legs. He knew that the agents would just shoot him down again. His only option was to loose them another way, which was the problem.
He had no idea where he was going. He could only run. It was just his footsteps, echoing everywhere. They were all around him, in every alley and side street. His footsteps all alone, racing against the dark.

Until he heard others.

He looked back, but couldn’t see anything. He looked ahead again, desperately into the dark. He crossed an empty street and looked up and down. To his right cars raced by, and a grey van crawled up. He sped quicker and darted for cover in a parking garage.

It was unlit. He could only see silhouettes of cars and cement barriers. Yet the echoes became even louder. Now he knew where his pursuers were; they were all around him, and he could tell there more than two now. There was no way out for him but to keep running. You got yourself in a trap.

“Stop! Stand down!”

Ahead he saw lights suddenly and three men with  guns running towards him. He skidded forward and then whipped around. Three more were running up behind him. All shouting.
He put his hands up as they came at him. His throat felt tight as he gasped and panted to regain his breath. Just as they neared him, he drew his wings in, and his feathers disappeared back beneath his skin.

The agents came up and swarmed around him. He blinked as their flashlights shone up in his face. They made him get on his knees and cuffed his hand behind him. He had drawn his claws in already. He knew there was no way out of it.
They hauled him back on his feet and started to lead him out of the garage. The agents were all around him, but he caught a glimpse of now two vans pulling up, flashing their headlights into the alley. An agent climbed out of one and approached them as they exited the garage. He came in step with the rest of the agents. He whispered something to one in the lead, but it was just loud enough for Elijah to hear.

“We have Webber.”

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