(Sorry I haven’t posted. My sister was in a ballet (that she wrote) and then life happened I suppose. I also have been meaning to post about my fantasy trilogy, because I finished writing the second book! First draft that is. I’m calling the third book “The Red Dream” at the moment)

Billy came out in a few minutes and found Adrian standing under the tree. There was a bunch of crickets singing in it, each trying to be the loudest.
Adrian went up to him and they went in stride together down the sidewalk.

“So. What brings you over to my city?” Billy asked. Adrian looked up ahead.

“I have a guy…”she started. She wasn’t quite sure how to explain something so convoluted.  And dangerous.

“Your boyfriend?”

Adrian sighed.

“Fine. Yes. And he needs you to do a minor surgery on him.”


“It needs to be clandestine.”

“Alright..” Billy scratched the back of his neck. “What does he need?”

“He has a …um. A tracking device. In his neck.” She glanced over at him. Billy just stopped and stared back. He was silent for a few moments, just trying to find something to say.

“Adrian, what are you trying to involve me in?” he asked finally.

She took his arm and started to walk again. He followed at the urging.

“Something that I can’t explain,” she answered. “It’s not safe for you to know everything. I do promise you that I’m not involving you in crime, and that this is not against our interest, nor the U.S’s…nor Britain’s.”

“Who’s then? Who am I doing this for?”

“For him. But think of it as though you’re doing it for me.”

“You love him?”

“Yes. And I’m at fault for a lot of things, in some way. I have to fix what I can.”

Billy nodded, and they walked a few moments in silence, just the crickets kept talking.

“We’re a little short in time, too,” Adrian said at length.

“I thought so.” Billy stopped and turned to face her. “Do you know where Byrd’s school is?”

“Yeah,” she nodded.

“Meet me there. Go to the back door. It’s in the alley and up the steps.”

“Got it.” Adrian hurried down the street. She walked a little faster than she had before, now that she knew where she was going. But she was tired of walking by the time she reached the street she and Elijah had parked by. She slowed down and stopped by the crosswalk at the alley. Something caught her eye on the other side of the street.

It was the grey van, still sitting there. Adrian didn’t hesitate, just looked away and crossed the street, past Elijah’s car. Elijah was watching her too and saw her go on. He got down from the hood. She’s trying to find another way around.
He wasn’t sure where the alley led, but he knew there was another backstreet on the other side of the parking garage. She might come through that way.

He watched for a moment. He wiped his forehead as he waited. It was warm out, but he had been sweating coldly since she left. He heard footsteps from across the garage. There she is.

He sprinted forward into the shadows. As quietly as he could, though his footsteps still echoed against the concrete. He could see Adrian, just a figure in the dark, with a bit of light from the street. He saw her stop and look up. He slowed down. She walked towards him.

“Everything alright?” she asked him, whispering when they met up.

“Yeah. Just the van.”

She nodded and glanced around the garage.

“Did you talk with him?” Elijah asked.

“I did. Are you ready to go?”

“Are we walking?”

“We’d better. It’s not too far anyway.” She pointed to the street she had just come out of. “We’ll go that way.”

They stayed on backstreets and alleys on their way. They were going deeper into the city, and the building were higher. All glass or old, preserved architecture. The school itself was only a couple of stories, nestled between a few towers. They came in through the back parking lot, empty except for one car. Elijah stopped for a  moment to get a look at the place.
The back was dark brick, and there was one light by a side stairwell of metal steps.

“What is this?” he asked. Adrian stopped ahead of him and turned around.

“A school,” she answered. “A fencing school actually.”

He started forward again and they made for the stairwell. It clanged and racketed as they ran up. Adrian went to open the door. It was locked.

“Oh Billy,” she muttered. She knocked instead.

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