“Who is it?” Stanford asked.

“He’s a veteran. A field physician. He lives in New York City with his family,” Adrian answered.

“You have to be cautious. How do you know him?” Stanford’s complexion was furrowed.

“He’s my brother-in-law.”

“I thought you – didn’t like your sister?” Elijah asked, surprised.

Adrian shrugged. “We just haven’t gotten along well. But Billy’s nice.”

“Is he trustworthy?” Stanford stressed.

“He’s a brit.”

Elijah laughed. “That’s the best you go?”

“That’s all I got,” Adrian answered. “But I don’t think he will tell anyone. I know him to keep secrets and be good at keeping them.”

“We have to make sure this is a safe course for us, Adrian.” Stanford leaned forward.

“Us?” Adrian repeated. “This is about Elijah. You’re gonna be fine no matter what happens. You and your cushy clandestine agency.”

Elijah looked over at Stanford. It didn’t look like he agreed.

“I lose my position just as you will if this gets out,” he said. Adrian tightened her lip for a moment till she seemed to collect herself.

“Don’t be surprised if you receive a letter of resignation,” she said. They looked at each other, staring down the other or cementing their point. The rain tapped on the windows.

“Billy then.” Stanford broke the silence. He stood up.

“You’re leaving?” Adrian asked, also as a hint for him to get up.

“Yes, I am. Both of you be careful. As I said, this could ruin us and the agency. It’s imperative that it remains secret. Not even this doctor should know the whole story.”

“Alright boss. I’ll escort you out,” Adrian brushed past him towards the door.

“Good luck,” Stanford said to Elijah. He shook his hand.

“You’d better beat it before she gets angrier,” Elijah said. Stanford just shook his head and followed Adrian out.

She came back in quickly, running up the stairs and bursting through the door. She was annoyed beyond her tolerance. Elijah had sat down and opened her laptop.

“We’d better get going,” he said. “It’s a nine hour drive.”

“Great,” Adrian muttered. She went into her bedroom and he could hear her rummaging through things. Elijah went to the kitchen and found some sticky notes and a pen in a drawer. He went back to the couch to take down the directions.

“Who’s car do you want to take?” He asked.

“Yours!” she answered.

Once Adrian had filled a backpack, of what Elijah didn’t know, he grabbed his own and they went out. But Adrian stopped in front of him before she went out onto the porch.

She looked back at him. “Wings.”

“Oh.” Elijah had forgotten. He took a few moments to pull them in. Then he shouldered his backpack. “Better?”

She locked the door and they walked outside.

It was still raining, and there was a big puddle in the middle of the street.  They avoided it and got in the car. Elijah handed the sticky notes to Adrian.

“You’re in charge,” he said and started the car.

She looked through the notes. “You couldn’t fit it all on one?”

“Maybe you should keep some larger notepads in your house.” He pulled the car out and drove down the street.

She snorted and stuck the notes on the dashboard in front of her.

“Left first,” she said.

“I know.”

“Why am I here then?”

“As my navigator!”

“You just said you knew where you were going.”

“Well I can’t memorize everything.”

“No wonder you never got your PHD.”

Elijah stuck his tongue out.


“Put some music on,” he said.

“Now I’m your DJ.” She turned on the radio.


“This is going to be a fun road trip.”

“Hmm.” Elijah reached back into his bag and took out his gun. He handed it to Adrian.

“Put this somewhere within reach,” he said.

“I got my own.”

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