They walked past the door. Elijah could hear them settling into the living room.

“The plane that Elijah Burton was flying in was shot down. I know you have been spying for us, but I think that you also loved him. He was killed.”

“Shot down? Killed? What do you mean?”

Playing innocent, Adrian. Nice going.

“We don’t know who did it, not yet. But I thought you had the right to know.”

“Who killed him?”

“We don’t know. We don’t even know if he was targeted out.”

“That’s bull.”

Don’t get too hot Adrian.

“You think I would lie to you?”

Elijah wanted to hear the answer, but Adrian’s cellphone rang. It was on a dresser, right behind him. The loud noise made his heart jump.

“Do you want to get that?” Stanford asked.

“It can wait,” Adrian answered. Elijah let it ring. Once it stopped, only a few moments of quiet passed till it beeped. The caller had left a voicemail.

“I just want you, Adrian, to have the assurance that the information you gathered on Burton did not lead to his demise. You have nothing to do with the plane crash.”

“What are you talking about? I gave you his flight number!”

Elijah picked up the phone and opened up the voicemail.  He put the phone to his ear.

“I can promise you we did not shoot the plane down.”

“And how do I know that’s true? You asked me to lie. I know everyone we work for and with is capable of lying.”

Adrian Webber. A man’s voice said.

“You think we’re capable of murdering, not just one man, but men, women, and children?”

Do not take Elijah Burton into your home. Do not give him any refuge. If you do so, you will be labeled an accomplish of a domestic terrorist threat, unless you report him within 24 hours of your contact. Do no redial this number.
  Then it went quiet. Elijah put the phone down. He looked out the window, but it was blurred with rain, and his eyes were not focused on it anyway.
They have to know I’m with her. They know I’m with her. They know…

His heart rate sped up. Does Stanford? Why is lying? Doesn’t he know?

  The voices in the background grew louder, but they were just voices in the background. Only the voice in the recording echoed in his head. 24 hours. She has 24 hours. Till this time tomorrow.

He continued to look out, until his heart rate slowed down again. He had a plan.

Elijah turned around and flung the door open and walked into the living room. Stanford jumped up. Elijah looked at Adrian, who in turned looked terrified back at him.

“Sorry to break in,” Elijah said. “But we all know I’m alive, we all know who shot the plane down, and we all know that he’s been double dealing.”

“Triple dealing,” Adrian added, still gaping.

“Fine, whatever.”

“How long have you known?” Stanford asked Adrian.

“Since this morning,” she answered.

“Why did you pretend-”

Elijah stepped between them. “Not right now. Someone else just crashed the party. Adrian, you just got a phone call. They said you have 24 hours to call me in, or basically you’re going to get arrested.”

“Who said this?” Stanford asked.

“He didn’t leave a name.”

Adrian crossed her arms. “What else is going on? You seem excited.”

“I want you to call me in, once I have enough time to get away,” Elijah answered. “But there’s a hiccup.”

“The tracking device,” Stanford said. He sat back down.

“Yeah. And it’s like right next to the jugular vein.”

“Like in you? Beneath the skin?” Adrian asked. Elijah nodded. “You can’t get it out.”


“Only a surgeon could,” Stanford added.

“And I’m dead. If they pull up my records at a hospital…I’m deceased.”

“As if you have any hospital records,” Adrian snorted.

“We have to find someone who will do it.”

“In 24 hours.”


“The doctor has to be in your complete confidence,” Stanford said, looking at Elijah. Elijah in his turn looked to Adrian. She put her hands in her pockets.

“I might know a guy.”


One thought on “The Raptor, 6

  1. I loved this!!! Such an unexpected turn and I love how he just decided to walk right out of the room… also, nice quote of the month :)


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