Depending on the size of your story, whether its three books, a hundred, or has a mile list of characters and places, an outline and a few notes might not be enough.

Because eventually our minds will simply implode and no one will know how to put the pieces back together. For your own safety then, get organized. There’s a pile of handwritten notes, folders of printed notes, pictures, drawings, saying that you have got to beware.


Tape everything to the back of your closet wall, like I did.  Clothes were constantly in my way. Also I could only see it if the doors are open, and let’s be honest, no one has a good looking closet. Certainly not mine.

And don’t leave everything in the pile.

There are 2 alternatives:

1: create a storyboard wall in another place. This is a really good idea, however, you need a wall. Empty walls are hard to come by, especially if you feel Scandinavian (like me).

2: Binders.

Binders are best. Organized and mobile.

They look very neat next to your collection of awesome books.
You can also make awesome covers for them

I made two. One for Facts and the other for Images.

Facts: notes that are too random to put on a page? Sticky notes! Put to the back of the binder for easy remembrance.
Facts…..Organize by subject. I would suggest putting tabs in. Also, save almost all your notes. Especially if it’s a large story, you never know when you’ll need a reminder of why your MC did such or such or where his great uncle lives.
Images: Pretty stuff! All those pictures that you’ve been pinning on pinterest in one place. Again, organize by subject. I took colored cardstock and glued the images on. For pictures that represented something specific, I wrote the name on a strip of paper.
add drawings too…..Also, put everything in clear plastic sheets. It keeps everything clean, and there is no whole punching involved (thank you to Mom).
My main character’s sheet!!

There you have it!

~Bernadette out.

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