“I want to see mountains again, Gandalf, mountains! And then find somewhere quiet where I can finish my book.” ~Bilbo Baggins

This weekend I saw some mountains of my own as we drove to scout out my next adventure: college.

Ok. They’re not the Rockies, more like hills. But still they were beautiful, and we got to drive through four tunnels. I think I must be part dwarf because I especially like doing that.

the Appalachians!! 


What I fondly called the “Silver Forest”. It looked like that instead of ice, the trees had been dipped in silver. 


So there they are!! Not bad for a really crummy iphone camera, through a dirty window at 60 mph.


3 thoughts on ““I Want to See Mountains!”

  1. Pretty photos!! Also come to Denver if you want to see even more mountains… And hear about mountains… And see pictures of mountains on everything… Haha ;)

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