Elijah remembered that the next day was Saturday. It didn’t feel like it, just as the hours didn’t feel right either. But that meant that Adrian wouldn’t be working, and he hoped she had no plans made.

He called her, and leant against the couch as he waited for her to pick up. The sun had already started to sizzle above the city, but there were storm clouds looming in the east. There was pressure in the air, and on Elijah too. He wondered if she would even answer. Would she scream and cry that he was alive?

“Hey. I thought you were gone?” His heart nearly stopped when he heard her voice. She doesn’t know then.

“I need to see you,” he answered.

“Me too…were you thinking today?”

“Yeah. How about we meet at your favorite spot by the river?”

“Um, I think it’s going to rain.”

“Well, we can…” Elijah rubbed his forehead. He sighed.

“Are you ok?” Adrian asked. “Why don’t you come over here? I just vacuumed.”

Elijah bit his lip. I bet they tapped into my phone. They already know I’m going to see her. Great. I blew it.

“Fine. Alright. I’ll see you in a bit.”

“See you.”

They hung up. On his way out to his car, Elijah grabbed his backpack, the one he usually took to the lab. He added one thing: his handgun. It added a little extra weight, and it was the first time he felt he might need it. By the time he was driving through the city, the clouds had come in, and the air steamed. There was no rain yet. There would be though by the time he reached Adrian’s. She lived an hour away on the second floor of a condo, right on the beach. Big waves today, he had often heard her say twhen there was a storm.
His windshield wipers were fast at work by the time he parked on a nearby street. He ran through the rain and up onto the back porch. He rang the doorbell. The air was salty.
He rang the bell again, and a few moments later he heard Adrian running down the steps. She finished putting up her hair is she came down.

“Hey,” she said and opened the door for him. Elijah stepped in.

“It’s good to see you Adrian,” he said. He hugged her and then she lead him up the stairs.

“Good to see you too,” she answered.

Her apartment was spacious and bright. A cluster of tall, leafy plants were around the porch doors. There was the sound of coffee percolating and the sound of dripping rain from a window that was cracked open. Elijah dropped his backpack on the white floor and sat down on one of the stools near the counter.  Adrian noticed the bag, but walked over to the cupboard.

“Why are you back?” She looked over at him. She took down two mugs from the shelf.

“Did you hear about the plane that went down?” He asked.

“Over Chad? Yeah.” She took creamer out from the fridge.

“I was on that plane.”

She stopped. Her back was towards him, and for a moment she didn’t do anything. Until she turned around.

“I know,” she said. Elijah almost jumped up.

“You know? Then why did-”

“I know everything,” she cut in. “I didn’t know they were going to send a missile. But I – I was the one who got the information about your flight…and everything else. Everything else about you. They’ve had me spying on you for five years.”

He didn’t say anything. He couldn’t say anything. You’re one of them too?

“What did you do? Who are you?” she asked. Her voice cracked. She grabbed the counter behind her. “All this time. Ten years Elijah. I’ve known you and you’ve not told me a single thing about yourself. They haven’t told, and they don’t need to. But you do. And if you don’t, I can have you arrested right now. And I might if I don’t like what I hear.”

“Who have you been reporting to?” he asked. His mouth felt dry.

“Don’t you dare asked me that.”

“The Correlation?”

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