January 1st, and on impulse I decided to submit a poem I had been considering sending out. It’s the new year, and I’ve been wanting to start submitting my work again.

Time to open up that dusty rejections folder! Here I come!

I really don’t have any new year resolutions. Too stressful. I just hope to finish Where Dragon’s Sleep (book two of my fantasy trilogy) by the end of June. I think it might be possible. A word about that.
If you are ever writing anything with a large cast of characters, write them down. All of them. Where they’re from, how old they are, etc. Because it gets really confusing eventually. And then you might accidentally bring a character back from the dead. Like I did.

Oh, and want to know how to get a lot more writing down this year? Do a writing prompt challenge with someone. And make sure its with someone. I’ve written a ton because of doing one with my sister. I’ve already mentioned my inspiration for a dystopian novel (Sand) which came from it. I’ve also have written a lot of short stories and poems, many of them publishable.
I also wrote some rubbish. That’s okay though.

So here’s a prompt: A scene that occurs at 11:00 pm on New Year’s eve, which involves pie.

Peace out,


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