(If anyone noticed, I forgot to publish an installment. This is the installment that happens after 24 and between 25. Sorry for the confusion)

The door opened smoothly to a lit room. Medical equipment stood in the corners. But strapped to a metal bed was Adrian.
Elijah dropped his hand numbly from the handle. IV’s protruded out of both her arms, and a white plastic mask covered her nose and mouth.
He hurried over to her.

“Adrian!” he said. He grabbed her shoulders. “Adrian! It’s Elijah!”

But her body gave nothing but a limp response. He felt his heart pounding fast and hot, and he started tearing off the black straps that held her down. He leaned carefully over the IVs to her face. He peeled off the mask, connected to a long tube. But as he removed the mask it started to a pull a long, thin tube out of her throat. He hesitated for a moment, but her heard make a sound. He ripped the tubing out.


She started coughing, a raspy, gasping cough. Her eyes opened as she gaped for breath. Their eyes met.

“Adrian, it’s me.” Elijah sought he saw recognition in her eyes, or alarm.

“You can’t be here,” she gasped. “Get out.”

“No, I’m getting you out,” he answered. He started un-taping and pulling out the IVs. She looked over shoulder. He looked up too.
There was a small camera stuck in the corner. The next moment they heard an alarm screaming down the hallways.
Elijah rushed as it pulled out the other IV. Adrian scrambled to get up.


Adrian looked up and Elijah didn’t move. His back was towards the door.

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