“Hands in the air and up against the wall!”

Adrian looked up at Elijah. His chest started to pound widely, but Adrian’s eyes were fixed on his. She was trying to tell him something, but he couldn’t tell what.

Until she reached for his gun.

He ducked as she sat up and fired. He heard shouts and yells, and two thumps as the guards fell in the doorway.
Adrian started to scramble up from the bed.

“Go! Go!” She shouted.

She fired again and they both made for the door. The sound of boots started to come, thudding down the hall. Two more guards burst in the doorway. They had their guns aimed and they were not going to wait.
Adrian didn’t hesitate either.  She stopped and fired twice on the first one. But as the other came up Elijah whipped around and grabbed her, throwing them both on the floor.

Elijah heard the pop of the gun as he covered Adrian. And a bullet punched through his side.

The guard grabbed him and threw him off of Adrian. Elijah slammed against the wall. But she jumped up and went full force at the guard.
Elijah clutched his side. He felt warm blood under his hand while the rest of him went cold.

He looked up and saw Adrian swing herself on top of the guard and fling him to the ground. He crashed and sent the bed against the spinning. She shot the guard before he could get up. The room banged with the sound of the gunshot.
The room fell silent for a moment. But Elijah could still hear the gunshots ringing in his ears.   He tried to sit up, and his feathers rustled against the wall. Adrian glanced over at him, with his pistol still in her hand.

“You alright?” she asked. Her chest was heaving. He didn’t have time to answer. An alarm started blaring throughout the building. It wrenched their ears. They just glanced at each.

Elijah scrambled up and they went out the door and sprinted into the hall. The alarm blared even louder. They ran down the hallway and whipped around the corner as the corridor’s direction changed.
Adrian was running with her hands constantly groping the walls. Steadying herself. A pair of glass doors came into their view at the end of the hall.

“They’ll be locked!” Adrian shouted. Elijah could hardly hear her above the wail of the alarm. When they were close enough she shot. The last shell flew out of the gun.

There was a pop and crack as the bullet sung through the glass. Elijah jumped and barreled through it and broke the door as he fell. Adrian ran up behind him.
The world had spun for  moment as Elijah had crashed through. Wails and cracking glass still screeched all around him. He grimaced. He heard Adrian.

“We got to go!”

His hands gripped the floor to stand himself up. They were shaking. He slipped on the glass but Adrian caught his arm and soon they were running forward again.
But there wasn’t far to go.

They were in an office. All neat desks and white paper. And as quickly as they had entered the room, the room ended. Elijah slammed into the door at the opposite side. He dared to hope it would open. It didn’t. He slid down to the floor, gasps tearing through his throat. The room started spinning again. He closed his eyes.
Adrian swore as she jiggled the handle and kicked at the door. It didn’t budge.

That’s the outside door, Elijah thought. We could be almost out.

“Don’t you have some super-spy tech to open it?” Elijah gasped out. Adrian stepped back from the door.

“Not for this kind,” she answered. She glanced over her shoulder. Then she glanced around the room. She swore again.

“We got to find another way out,” Elijah said. He started to stand up.

“Too late,” Adrian answered. “The only other way out of here is the elevator. I’m sure they’re already sending people down.”
Elijah stood up and clutched his side. It throbbed.

“Are you sure it’s the only other way?” he asked. She glanced over at him. She inclined her head.

“Fairly sure.”

“That means there’s still a chance,” he started past her and grabbed her arm. She stopped him.

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