I am sitting on the couch at my aunt and uncle’s. The “women” are sitting on the porch, and the “men” are watching football. I’m stuck watching football too, apparently.

Besides it being Thanksgiving, yesterday was the day I started Raptor. I have been officially writing it for a year now. That means its been a year since I finished the Moor.
Wait….what?? Does that mean it should be edited by now??

It’s been a relaxing day so far…we came in last night, and I finished reading Father Elijah (in prep for the sequel that just came out. I’m still waiting for answers from Michael O’Brian for why he wrote another one after over ten years. Someone explain it to me!!!!). I finished Gathering Blue this morning (Finally read it after reading the other three of the Giver Quartet. Now I have to read Messenger again to see if there are answers about Thomas and Jo. Lois Lowry why???????) And I started the Maze Runner. 
Debating if I want to read the second one. After watching the movie, I was quite disappointed since it turned into the zombie apocalypse. Never judge a book by its movie though.
Of course never say never.

No other monumental things have happened (Civil War trailer came out what are you talking about????? *screams a voice over my shoulder*). I just thought I would wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your pie and turkey!

I personally am having pie and steak. Now THAT’S what I call an American dinner.





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