(Long time in coming. I know)

He turned and swung the light around the room. There wasn’t anything in it , nothing at all. He didn’t like it, and an odd, anxious feeling started to brew, and he could feel his heart pound a little harder.
He glanced at the open door behind him. Then he turned his back towards it.

But he noticed the flashlight illuminated a black slit in the door handle.  Can’t get in without a key. And the walls and door were blank. No windows to break through. He took another look at the door, but the hinges were hidden. So he knelt down, in order that he could see the lock better.
Dead end, he told himself. There was hardly a crack between the door and the wall. He breathed a sigh to bite his frustration. He stood up and backed away. He snapped off the flashlight and walked out of the room. But he paused in the doorway and looked back once again.

It was took dark to see the door, but he could still imagine what was posted on it: BM personal.

He tapped the flashlight against his thigh. B. he thought. Biological. M…Medical? Management? No. Modification. Biological Modification. Oh Rats.
He turned and sped up the stairwell outside the room. If he couldn’t get in that way, he’d find another way. He ran up one flight of the stairs and threw open the first door. But he grabbed it before it slammed behind him. He was in a hallway, but no lights turned on.
He carefully let the door slide away from his hand, so it closed with only a quiet click.  He couldn’t see a thing, and he hesitated from using the flashlight. It was warm, and there was carpet under his shoes. That was all he could tell. He followed the hallway as it took a turn, and not far ahead he could see small orange light: an elevator.

As soon as he came up to it he pressed the down arrow. The door opened promptly and he jumped in. Ground level. The doors slid close. His eyes blinked for a moment in the light, but he glanced up at the ceiling.
It was just a few moments before the elevator came down. The doors opened, but the set in front of them didn’t. Elijah didn’t pay attention to it.

Instead he hand jumped up in the corner where the handrails met, lining the elevator walls. He felt the ceiling. I might be able to break one of these boards loose.

He got down and took off his jacket. He felt a slight chill up his bare arms, but it didn’t last long. He thrusted his arms straight and his wings unfolded in one motion. Then he jumped up and flapped to sustain him in the air for a moment. He kicked the ceiling in the seams and came down again. He repeated it. The elevator rang and the ceiling began to pop.
One clang and the steel board jumped inwards. The lights flickered and switched off.

Elijah dropped down. Then he sprang up into the hole. Crawling in, he could feel the emptiness of the shaft above him. He took out the flashlight: this time he knew he needed to see.

He stood up carefully and walked around the hole he had created. He stopped and crouched down right above the doors.
Outside the doors, just a few, dim lights lit the white hallways. Just after-hours lights to deter intruders. There were no noises, except the low hum of a machine left running. But then a banging sound jumped out, and plaster cracking.

Then the hallway echoed as a pile of debris crashed down above the elevator doors. A fume of dust went up. Metal rang awfully as it hit the floor. Elijah jumped out and ran down the hall away from the crash.
He had glanced once down the other way. It looked like a dead end. He ran past closed doors and medical suites with tainted glass. But he wanted to find a lobby, an office, something where things might make sense.
But as the sound of the crash echoed out, and as his ears adjusted to the sound of his footsteps, he noticed another noise. He stopped.
A soft, mechanical hum. Could just be AC, he told himself.

But he didn’t resume his pace. He walked forward, and noticed he was getting closer to the noise. He stopped when he thought was standing next to it. A closed door and another tainted window. Only the number 18 on the white wall. He stood a moment to listen longer.
He raised his hand to grab he handle. But he hesitated and dropped it. There’s probably nothing in there. But then there’s no harm in going in.

He grabbed the handle. It was cold. And the cold shot all the way up him when he opened the door.

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