Wow. I am just so indie. Looking for writing contests, listening to Beirut, sitting on a bench saved from the dump, and drinking out of a vintage tea-stained mug. We’ll ignore my apple earbuds and my notebook that came from Target.
(That was sarcasm. If you didn’t catch on)

That was me two weeks ago looking for a publication to submit my short story Fog Ridden to. I have to say, there are two lessons that I learned while searching this time around.

One: if you plan on writing and looking for publications…always write first. Looking through loads of magazines and e-zines is not inspiring.

Two: If you quit a story, but still like it…hold on to it. I originally write Fog Ridden in 2011. I was….thirteen?
Yes. Fog-Ridden came a long way. I wrote, rewrote it, I think rewrote it again, started to turn it into a novel, then quit. And once again, I edited it (with help of course) and it is now complete at last.
That’s all for know folks.




One thought on “

  1. Ew you hipster (she scoffed from her thrifted vintage armchair while “Cliquot” plays in the background) ;)
    In all seriousness though, your two pieces of advice are so true…


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