My Dad goes up to bed early, because he can’t sleep in the next morning. He said going to bed early is  like sleeping in  but backwards.
Didn’t know that was possible until now.

But that’s besides the point.

For quite a few years I have been surrounded by dystopian stories. (Did you know that spellcheck doesn’t even think that “dystopian” is a word? Tell me that isn’t a coincidence). I’ve read a lot a books (my favorites being: the Giver Quartet, Matched, and the Other Side of the Island), also started watching some of the movies, and in the early days tried to make a few dystopian movies of my own (does anyone still remember Birds and Beasts?). Yet, I have had absolutely no inspiration for a story at all. Which felt odd, since it falls within my genre of speculative fiction.

However, the day has finally come.

My sister and I started an 100 day writing challenge with one word prompts (we’re only on day six). On day three the word was Sand.

Does anyone here the beginning music of Interstellar in the distance? Because I owe this to Hans Zimmer also.

Sand. I just kept picturing a wasteland, just nothing. But there had to be someone around, right? Of course. And then if there’s sand, there’s water, and if there’s water, there’s got pirates. Some futuristic black market meddlers.
And of course there has to be a city somewhere, so why not throw in some crystals in to make things interesting?

And with that my first dystopian novel is underway. Translated: I have a premise and a pinterest board with 2 pins. (Follow it if you want to keep updated on ideas:
Unfortunately though I can’t start the novel. now. I already have my monster of a book Green Crows to deal with, and I have to finish Raptor.
But then again, Elijah’s story might not finish so quickly. Is he the only one out there? What else has the Correlation been doing? And why did he see on the news an update about a fencing championship?

*dramatic voice over* Find out, weeknights at 8.

Or just pop in here everyone once and a while and check it out. It may take a while to unravel.

Peace out,

One thought on “Dystopia in Our Time

  1. Ooooh, very intersting… Haha I like how your mind went so logically to pirates. The one-word challenge is a great idea.
    (Also, yes, I *can* hear the Interstellar music… because Patrick likes to hum it…)


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