(I apologize if some of this is confusing geographically. I’m working on it.)

   He dropped down and crouched there for a moment in the dark. The place looked empty when he glanced around. But he noticed a light coming from somewhere, a doorway or elevator he guessed.

He stood up and ran across to the next barrier, where he stopped once again. The light was just past it, and he could see the source now. Double doors, with a small sign for stairs next to it. The light was right outside it. Moths flocked the yellow bulb.

    A little obvious, he thought, but he went up to the doors anyways. They were both locked when he tried them, and the windows in them were dark. He glanced at one for a moment, and then he took out his gun.
He smashed the window with the end of the it and he knocked off the remaining glass until it was clear for him. He just tried to ignore the absurdly loud noise it made along the empty garage.

He put his gun back and jumped up, then shoved himself through the window. He went headfirst, and his heart stopped for a moment as he fell through the window and rather inelegantly in the dark. But he looked up, and suddenly lights clicked on.
He stood. In front of him was the staircase leading up, but there was also one leading down. And he thought that was odd. He was already on the ground floor.
   Down. Just keep going down.

He sprinted down the steps. But they clanged and echoed as loud as gunfire. Every footfall. And every footfall he cringed.
He stopped once he came to the first landing. This is no good. But looking around there was no other outlet.
Yet  he took a careful step forward to look over the railing, the tiny bit of it right before the stairs rounded the corner and then went down again. It was a straight drop between the winding of the stairs. A thin, straight drop.
     Precarious, he thought. But quiet.

He gripped the railing uneasily for a moment, but then he swung one leg over and found a foothold for it. Then he swung himself over. He stood there for a moment. Balancing wasn’t a problem for him; he just still wasn’t sure how he was going to get down.

He crouched and grabbed the bottom of the railing. He let his feet out from under him. He felt an unexpected jerk and nearly cut his lip. His legs swung in space, right above the railing below him. His toes touched it, and his hands let go.
He found his balance and felt himself breathe a sigh of relief. He continued down in the same manner, and hardly a sound besides a lonely clanged echoed around him.
It didn’t take long for him to reach the floor. He dropped down, just a quiet scuffle of his shoes against cement.

There was an  fire alarm next to the door, and on the door was nothing but a simple number 5.

    Because that tells everyone where they are. But it was thankfully unlocked, and he was careful to close it silently behind him.
A long florescent lit  hallway reached out in front of him. Just some white walls and the continuing cement floor. It curved. And he felt uneasy that the end wasn’t in sight. He gritted his teeth.
He started walking along it, but the distance only seemed to lengthen itself and the dead quiet and ominous pacing of his footfalls. He started walking faster and then started jogging, until finally he sped up and raced down the corridor.
He rounded the curve, and could see the end. A pair of doubles door with a red exit right above them, looking straight at him.

He hardly came to a stop when he grabbed one of the handles and swung a door open. The heavy weight slammed right behind him. His heaving frame flinched when it banged shut. But he stood still for a moment.
There was one set of stair leading up. But there was a white, unmarked door directly in front of him. Probably just utilities, he thought. Probably. But he meandered towards it; he took a glanced up too, to make sure it was just stairs above him. He stood in front of the door.
He tested its handle.

And was surprised when it opened.

It was dark. He opened it wider, and the air wasn’t stuffy like a closet. He took a step in, though his hand lingered on the handle. His other hand reached around the frame of the door on either side; but there was nothing on the walls, no light switch.
He pulled his gun out, and let go of the door as he stepped in. It stayed open behind him.

The dark wasn’t very revealing, but it didn’t seem like the room was that wide. If it was a room at all; he wasn’t sure what is was. He took out a small flashlight from his pocket; the only other thing he had thought to take along.
He shot the beam in front of him. He sighed.

There was another door. But he stepped forward and the light illuminated black letters on the door. And they looked starker in the dim.

Restricted Area
BM personal only.

   “What does BM mean?” he whispered.

One thought on “Raptor, 23

  1. Favorite word usage of the day: Meander…. also, I love all the creepy exit signs, cement floors and walls, and dark corridors! I am totally there :)


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