His leg felt better and he had been able to eat something, but he was starting to get a headache from having sat in the hallway longer than an hour.
He didn’t know what they were doing behind the closed doors, and his eyes were tired of looking up at them, just waiting for them to open. The carpet pattern was too complicated to pay attention to.
He just closed his eyes and bounced his knee.

They were looking for Adrian, he supposed, and Stanfield. He had been told to wait, and he hadn’t seen Underwood since the elevator.

The door opened. He jumped a little and looked up.

It was Underwood.

“You’re on,” he said. He closed the door and Elijah stood up. He picked up his backpack and put it over his shoulder; he had pulled his wings in some time before.

“Where to?” he asked. They started walking down the hall.

Underwood took a mobile device from his jacket. He pulled something up and handed it over to Elijah.

“We can drive you till five miles out,” Underwood started. Elijah turned around the device in his hand. It showed a satellite map.

“New York?” Elijah exclaimed.

“Harlem,” Underwood answered. He didn’t take a second glance as they entered the elevator again. Elijah took a closer look at the map: right in the middle of a cluster of high office buildings. He leaned against the wall. The elevator started down.

“Do you know anything about the place?” Elijah asked, hesitantly. He noticed his hands had start to shake. It’s just been a long day, that’s all. And it’s just New York City.
He tried to conceal a deep breath.

“These are their headquarters. No secret. The name will be on the building; you won’t be able to miss it.”

Elijah handed him the device back.

“Can you give me a layout of the building?” he asked. He stuck his hands in his pockets. They were cold from dried sweat.

“You broke in here with no problem.” But Underwood started pulling something up.

“Yeah, well, we all saw how that went,” Elijah muttered. They exchanged the device again. He scanned through the images, a floorplan for every level. He wasn’t even sure what to look for, though he didn’t say or ask anything. Offices, labs, offices, conference rooms.
He scanned faster and went to the lower level. I fly. So they would expect me to come through the roof, wouldn’t they? Do they even think I’m coming?

The elevator door opened, and they walk out into a shaft of light coming from a covered parking lot. Underwood stopped once they were outside and the doors had closed. Elijah gave the device back once again. He glanced over his shoulder for a view of the lot.
Mostly blacked or whited out vans. It wasn’t that full, and there didn’t seem to be an upper level. He heard an engine start, but he couldn’t see it from where he stood.

“Can you do this?” Underwood asked. Elijah looked up at him.

“Ask someone else if you don’t think so,” he answered. He thought it was a little late to ask.

“Can’t,” he answered. He turned and walked back to the elevator. “Good luck.”

Elijah watched him go. Weird. Then when the door closed he turned and walked along the echoed cement, towards the light and the engine purr.

There was less suspicious green van running in the gate. It was an evening light that shot in, Elijah noticed. A couple agents were waiting outside by the doors.
   Remember you are a CEO, not a kid playing secret agent man. He shrugged his backpack. I already know this is far from play.

He came up to the van, and one of the agents got into the driver’s seat. The other waited for him, dressed in slacks and leather jacket. He had dark sunglass to match his dark skin.
Too hot for a jacket, Elijah muttered in his mind. But fine.

“Ready?” the man asked, Elijah. “We’ll ride in the back.”

The agent let Elijah in first.

“Name’s Jackson. James Jackson,” he said as he climbed in behind Elijah. “Don’t tell me yours, I’m not supposed to know it.”

Elijah turned around as the van started, just as the door closed.

“Just call me Raptor, then.”

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