(So, yes, lately I’ve been taking a while to post. I’ve been having some problems with Raptor, and almost started it over again. However, I’ve decided to stick it out. I’ve also decided I will probably be posting every two weeks instead of every week. So bear with me, guys!)

Elijah scrambled to the edge of the roof and flung himself over. But he held on for a moment.

The drop was farther than he had anticipated. And he noticed that his legs were dangling right over a window. He could feel his shoes squeak against the glass.

But he let go and dropped, while his wings steadied his fall. But once again he fell awkwardly on one leg. He grimaced as he hit the roof, jarring his shoulder. But he got up and moved himself against the wall, right below a row of windows. He laid down.

He quieted his breathing and waited to find out if whoever it was above had heard his jump.

Elijah listened as he heard them walk around on the roof. Then he heard some metal jingle, and something like a toolbox open up.
They were only up there to fix the hatch.

Elijah closed his eyes for a moment, relieved. But he opened them again. Plan B, he thought. A window.

He looked up from where he lay. There were plenty right above him, and looking across the rest of the roof was the other tower opposite, also full of windows. And if anyone had been paying attention over there, they would have seen him.
But in between the towers there was an atrium-tunnel at the front. So his other option was to break through the glass and go right through the front door.

When he heard a window open above he knew he was out of time.

He got up and ran, forcing his bad leg to move. He dashed across the roof and could hear shouts coming from behind him. And as the atrium came nearer he could already anticipate the sound of the glass crashing. But he knew it wouldn’t be breaking easily.

Suddenly he sprung up into the air and flew above the building. As soon as he did he swung back around and dived like a bullet, wings folded around him, right into the glass.
At the last moment he curled into a ball and broke through.

He shut his eyes and all he could hear was a concussive sound as he hit the glass. Then his ears buzzed with the sharp shrapnel singing around him.

The next moment he had hit the ground. His backpack cushioned his fall, and he rolled off it as he was shocked out of the speed of his dive.

People were screaming and shouting, and he could still hear the glass falling. His ears rang with the sound. He heard guns clicking too.
Elijah looked up from the pile of glass around him.

There were men and women in business suits. Some had fled for other hallways. Others had stepped back and pulled out their guns, or were speaking into their coms.
If I run, will they shoot? Elijah looked around him, but remained crouched. He had forgotten about his wings for a moment, and didn’t notice that was what they were all looking at.
He reached back to pull out his gun.

“Put your hands in the air!” men shouted and they took steps forward. “Hands in the air!”

I think they’d shoot. Elijah slowly stood up, hands in the up as they kept shouting at him. He curled his fingers as he felt his talons wanting to shoot out.

They advanced on him. He heard something announcing over the PA system. He looked up when he heard footsteps running into the atrium. Security.
   You’d better run, or you’ll never get anywhere.

The men were close around him, and he could hear the security shouting at him as they came running up, jingling with their handcuffs. But he wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying.

Suddenly he swung around and ducked beneath the gun behind him and threw his pack off. It knocked against the agent and threw him off balance. And Elijah darted through the hole.

Security ran through the agents after him. He sped towards a hallway that led to one of the towers. He ran into it, but he didn’t feel nearly fast enough. His leg felt like it was burning.

Security was shouting at him to stop. Office doors were closing as he ran past them. And ahead he saw an elevator. He knew that would mean there would be stairs.
The question would be which one to take.

He stumbled against a wall. But he threw himself back up. As he did he noticed he couldn’t make a fist anymore.

His talons had come out.

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