And when it was right next to him, it slowed even more, to the crawling pace he was walking. Elijah heard the window roll down. He kept walking.
He put his hands in his pockets when he felt his talons itching to come out.

“Are you Elijah Burton?”

He jumped and glanced over.

There was a man sitting behind the wheel. He had a pair of cheaters on for the sunlight. He put his arm up on the window.
Elijah stopped once the car did.

The man waited for an answer.

Are you Elijah Burton?” the man repeated. Elijah still hesitated from answering. He took a careful glance at the vehicle. Nothing suspicious: blue minivan, slightly dirty.

“All take that as a yes,” the man said, adjusting his grip on the wheel. “Since you are him –“ Elijah heard a pop as he unlocked the doors. “Get in the back.”
Elijah glanced up and down the street.  He wasn’t sure if the Correlation was trying to pull a stunt or not, but he didn’t know who else it was, unless Adrian had called someone up once she had left the motel.

He looked up when he heard sirens wailing from behind them.

“Like now would be a good time,” the man said.

Elijah took one more glance at the man, who was looking up down the street, tapping his fingers on the wheel. The sirens were getting nearer.
Elijah went and opened the door. Even as he closed it behind him, the man had rolled up the window and weaved the car back into traffic.

Elijah fell awkwardly into the backseat as the car swung into another lane. But then the man slowed to the pace of the traffic. Elijah glanced up to catch sight of the police behind them.

“Keep your head down,” the man said.

Elijah did. He slid down into an open spot between the door and the seats.

“Where are we headed?” Elijah said. “Or am I not supposed to ask questions?”

“I was told I was supposed to take you to my office,” he answered. He swerved again. Elijah could tell the police were getting nearer. They had to have noticed I got in the car.

“What do I call you?” Elijah asked.


“Alright, Watts, I think you might have to a take a detour.” Elijah had looked up and saw that a police car had pulled up right beside them.
Watts glanced up for a moment but didn’t look too concerned.

“It should be alright, but – get in that under storage,” he said. “You’ll be able to fit.”

Watts started to pull the car over. Elijah sat up.

“They’ve been called for my arrest,” he protested. He wasn’t quite sure if Watts knew what was going on.  “They know I’m in the car.”

“Well that’s more reason for you to hide,” Watts answered. “Anyway, calm down, I’ve done this before.”

Elijah hesitated a moment longer. Watts pulled up next to the curb. Finding the storage, Elijah threw off his back pack and lifted the hatch and shoved himself in; being wider and long than he had thought.
The hatch closed right above his head, and it was pitch black.

He heard the car come to a stop.

He couldn’t hear much, except he thought he could hear some car doors opening and closing.

It was warm in the storage, and he noticed that sweat was already running down his chest and on his forehead.
Elijah blew out a shaky breath and closed his eyes, and quieted his breathing. He heard Watts talking to a cop; but he couldn’t catch the words. He could only hope, since he assumed Adrian had called Watts, that she had called someone who knew what he was doing.
He just waited in the stuffy dark.

He opened his claws, anxious. He stretched out his fingers. He resisted scratching the soft edges of the around him.

The cop and Watts were still talking; he still could only hear the murmurs.

But then they stopped, and the window rolled up. The car started, and Watts drove away.

“Alright, Burton,” Watts said, loudly. “You can get out of there.”

It took a moment for Elijah to get the hatch open again, but once he did he retracted his claws before Watts would see them. He climbed out.

“You know last time it wasn’t just cops after me,” he said, getting back into his spot.

Watts glanced up at the back view mirror.

“Right,” he murmured. “Couldn’t be the same one, could it?”

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