Before I start, today is my five year anniversary for blogging with WordPress (Phew, I had know I idea it had been that long since I started.) So I just wanted to say thank you to all my followers and those who have given comments and likes. It’s been a long adventure.

Thank you!

Now to business.

The next morning came over D.C bright and hot. Elijah was still asleep when the first light hit the roof of the building.
He woke up, blinking. He sat up, and felt stiff and worn out. His leg was throbbing incessantly. He glanced up at the sun, then down at his watch.
10:00, slept long. Maybe too long. He didn’t doubt that the crash on the highway was all over the news. Whether or not he needed to get something to eat and stop at the drugstore.
He slung on his backpack climbed down the fire escape at the back of the building. It let off half way so he jumped the rest. He landed easily; he usually did from long jumps.

He made his way down to a main street, buzzing with traffic.   He walked down the street, trying not to limp. He had put on a red bandana like he usually did on hot days, and he  was also worried about being recognized from last night’s fiasco; though his bare arms showed no trace of his wings.

He stopped at a corner drugstore, after carefully skirting behind the block to avoid a police car.

Walking on he found a tiny deli, with a rather longish line at the door. He walked in, and the bell on the door rung obnoxiously. The place smelled like soup, and he could hear meats being wrapped up in paper bags. A TV in a dusty corner was playing the morning news.
He stood behind a young woman texting. Elijah put his hands in his pockets, shifting off his bad leg. He glanced idly up at the news.
Weather, a brief bit about a fencing competition, then an alarming event that occurred on Henry G. Shirley Memorial Highway.
Elijah didn’t look so idly anymore.

The crashes started when a driver was apparently shot by an armed gunman on the side of the road. Numerous shots were fired, and at least two have died in the crashes.

Elijah crossed his arms.

But strangest of all is a sighting that is said to have occurred a few minutes after the situation calmed. Some sort of object was seen flying away from the scene; some reports say that it was looked like a flying man.

He looked away. The line had moved up.

He got a flatbread sandwich to eat on the road. Though what on the road meant he wasn’t quite sure. He knew he wasn’t going to take a bus again, but he didn’t know for how long he could walk. He had grabbed a map at the drugstore anyway, since flying was defiantly out of the question.

But he started heading out in the general direction. Langley. He was going to try to break into the CIA headquarters. He didn’t think anyone had done it before, but he supposed if he could land on a hatch in the roof he might able to.
Though he’d probably get arrested. But Adrian was one of their own agents. And he didn’t know who else to ask for help, or who else he could expose the Correlation to.

But his main problem remained transportation. He looked up at the sun; it would only got hotter as the day wore on. And it was a windless day too.
The other question was how long it was going to be before the Correlation found him again.

He stopped at an intersection. His mind raced and he looked down at his feet, trying to concentrate. A few other people were waiting at the light too. One of the cars was playing some loud music.
Elijah glanced up, wincing from the sun. He wasn’t looking for it, but he spotted a police car parked across the road.

   That’s two, he thought. And that’s too many.

He looked away and tried not to pay attention. He crossed the street when his time came, right in front of the police car. He shouldered his backpack and walked on. He wanted to glance back behind him to see if the police had spotted him.
He didn’t. He wasn’t going to take any chances; his leg wouldn’t be able to take him very far, it had already started to limp more.
I hope they don’t know I was shot in the leg.

The cars started up again when the light switched. He was already across the street and back on the sidewalk.
He heard a car roll up slowly next to him.

One thought on “Raptor, 15 *Five Years of Blogging*

  1. I love all the research you did for this installment! If I was Elijah, I probably would have fallen off the roof in the middle of the night and freaked out a random rat….


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