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 He rolled out and ran.

“Stand down!”

He could barely hear them above the sirens. People screamed in cars as he ran past them. The police hadn’t started to fir, not yet, but they were after him. One car had driven up onto the shoulder. The cop got out.
Elijah ducked down between two cars. Traffic had stopped moving again; no one knew what to do.  Now Elijah stopped too, and crouched down for a moment to catch his breath.
The police were ordering everyone to stay inside their cars and stay down.

Elijah ducked lower and looked beneath the cars. He couldn’t see much through them, but looking up again he could see the reflections of the police in the mirrors. Some of them had moved forward. He thought he might have escaped out of their sight for a moment.
Yeah, but that’s not going to last long.

He darted up and ran. And he had never ran so fast in his life. He heard one of the cops start his car, the rest were running after him between the cars.
Elijah looked ahead. Over the curve of the highway traffic was had started to flow. He raced between the stopped cars and began veering to his right, to get into the woods. He had to get the chase off the highway. And he wasn’t going to fly, not there.

He was only two lanes away from the woods, and he ran straight towards them now, climbing over the bumpers when they were too close to squeeze through.

He saw a tall dark haired man get out of a car right in front of him.

“Got out of the way!” Elijah yelled.

The man pulled out a gun.

Elijah stopped and flung himself back over the hood he had just climbed. He slammed hard into the car next to it as he fell back.
But he scrambled up as soon as the man came out over the hood.

Asset from the Correlation, Elijah thought, but they wanted to send in the cops first.

He started to run the opposite way. The asset and cops would block him from the woods, and across the barrier on the other highway cars were moving, and not at a crawl either.
But when he glanced over to see, the asset had caught up to him.

Elijah swung around as the asset came at him and knocked him to the ground. Elijah’s talons came out automatically.

He could hear shouts from people inside the cars around them.

Elijah wasn’t used to fighting, but he was fast. He darted up and flung himself down between the hood and bumper of two cars ahead of them before he even saw the asset get out his gun.

He sat up and saw the asset come around.

He kept low and scrambled around to the side of the van. His talons scratched on the asphalt. Before the asset came around he darted over behind the next car. But this time Elijah kept moving. He heard the asset leap onto the car behind him.

Elijah rolled over and slid behind another. He was almost flat on his stomach. And there was a pause.

He listened, but only for a sound from the asset. Elijah knew if he got up, he’d be shot. But if he could get ahead, where the cars were moving, he might have a chance.
He crouched up, carefully and slowly. He could feel bruises started to form where his knees had hit the ground.

There was a van and a pickup truck among the cars directly ahead of him. The truck had just started driving forward.

He darted out, still ducked low. He heard a bullet clink off a car. But the asset didn’t go after him, not yet. He waited to get another shot in.
But Elijah was almost to the truck, along with the other moving traffic.

The asset leapt down and ran over to the shoulder. He would try to get to Elijah from there.

Traffic was starting to pick up speed. And Elijah had just enough time to climb into the back of the truck. When he jumped in he flung himself down flat.
He didn’t doubt the driver heard him. Elijah just hoped he wouldn’t be able to pull over, at least not till they got out of way from the asset.

Traffic picked up speed and Elijah felt the hot wind pulsing over him.

But then he heard the whir of a car driving faster than the others. The asset. He’s driving up on the shoulder.

He caught up quick. The next moment Elijah heard a shot and an explosion of glass.

The asset had shot the driver.

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