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He couldn’t move for a moment. Sounds of the street buzzed outside. He didn’t listen to them, but he could hear his heart racing. He knew there were only two things that could have happened to Adrian: either she was taken into custody and by now would was too far away, or she was dead and in a body bag

He checked the time. It was 7:30. He got out of bed.

It was 7:50 when he was out of the motel. He walked out to the street corner. It was already warm, even though the sun was just over the cusp of the trees. The parking lot at the dive across the street was full. There wasn’t anyone else out except the cars that drove by.

Elijah struck down the road, opposite the way they had come the previous night. Adrian had told him something last night. She had told him he needed to clear the case.

That’s what he was going to do, and he figured it was going to be one of the stupidest stunts he would ever try to pull off.

Clouds had come in by the time he found a bus headed for D.C. Elijah found a seat in the back. The bus was full. Steaming rain started to fall when it pulled out onto the highway.  He looked out the window, but in the rain everything was just a blur.

Six hours, he told himself, you got six hours to make a plan.

He tried to think. But his thoughts wandered back to Adrian.  Walking and looking for a bus station and counting out cash had distracted him. But now he had been ten minutes on the highway. And the rain wasn’t loud enough that he couldn’t hear his own thoughts.

He pulled out legal pad, full of other loose papers, including a half finished crossword that fell out between his feet. He picked it up and then began to fumble through his bag for a pen.

He couldn’t find one, so he put it up on the empty seat beside him and kept rummaging through. He made sure the gun didn’t fall out.
He couldn’t find one.

“Need a pen?”

Elijah looked up. It was an old man across from him with a missing tooth and a plaid jacket.

“Uh…yeah,” Elijah mumbled. The old man pulled one out and clicked it and handed it to him across the aisle.


“I used to do those back when I was a kid, then they got too dang smart.” The man gave a wheezy laugh.

It was a cheap red pen, and it Elijah took a few scratches to get anything out.

He looked at the crossword, trying to figure out where he had left off. It was from April 21st. There was a note next to the date. Don’t forget to call A.

That was Adrian’s birthday.

He scratched it out and did the puzzle.

It rained on and off the whole way, but the sky finally cleared once they had reached Washington. Elijah noticed  they were close when the traffic blocked up on a six lane highway. It was rush-hour. They were nearly car to car, and an orange sun flashed ahead over the Potomac.

Elijah looked out the window. He had finished the crossword hours ago, and had handed the pen back to the old man. Now he felt stiff from sitting. And antsy. Relax, he told himself, you should. The Correlation’s not going to find you for a while.

He heard sirens screaming. He looked up, as  did most everyone in the bus. Traffic had started moving, at a crawl, and Elijah spotted three police cars coming from behind, towards the bus.

Or I was wrong.

The bus driver had spotted the cops and started to try to pull over.

Elijah looked around. You don’t have much time.

He could go out the emergency back door, except one of the cars was right behind the bus. But the cops were still far enough that he could just jump out the bus door.

He picked up his bag and ran for it. One of the passengers shouted and the bus driver looked back.

Elijah pushed open the door and jumped out before anyone could do anything. He ducked and ran forward pass the bus, He  darted in between the cars, thankful they were hardly moving.

There were woods on the side of the highway, unfortunately he was in the middle lane.

He rolled under a stalled semi. Other cars had stopped too, and there were horns honking everywhere. He stayed there for a moment, checking his surroundings.

A cop got out of the car, followed by another.


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