“It’s probably best no one knew,” he answered. He went over to the front door, where there was a coat rack and a pile of shoes. He crouched down to find a pair of boots.

“Or maybe you don’t know.”

Elijah paused, but didn’t say anything. Adrian turned around in the chair. She watched him as he took a deep breath, and waited for him.

“I just – I have to get out. That’s all I know. I can cut through the mountains. It will be hard to find me in there. And I –um- I’ll go somewhere from there.”
He pulled out a pair of boots and inspected them.

“That’s not a good idea,” Adrian.

“Ok, so what is?”

“You can’t just run, or you’ll never stop. Unless you can get low somewhere out of the country. You need to clear the case.”
He stood up.


“I think I’m might be able to do it.”

“You?” Elijah repeated. “How do I know I can even trust you.”

“We trusted each other once.”

“Did we? And what did that get us? Ten years of waiting around.”

“Yeah, but, I could never tell you everything and– “

“Stop,” Elijah cut in. “We don’t have time for that. I’m just going to have to trust you.”

Adrian tilted her head.

“Why?” she asked.

He put his tongue in his cheek and didn’t answer.

She told him she would drive out on a back road just outside of the city. He said if she would leave the window open he could land on the car and climb in. She wouldn’t even have to stop the car.

He left the apartment from the porch again, taking to the skies. He flew into the woods by the road before she had reached them. The moon had dipped a little lower in the sky by then, but it was still dark, and crickets still chirped noisily in the branches while he waited. A few cars drove by before he spotted hers between the bushes. She turned her brights on, and he flew out.

He landed on the roof of the car. She kept driving. The wind slammed him and filled up his wings, and he almost flew off. He folded his wings in and climbed inside the backseat.

“Well, that worked,” he said. He rolled up the window. He readjusted himself and sat himself up in the middle, and leaned forward by Adrian.

“So. Where are we going? Virginia?” he asked.

She shook her head.

“Actually I need to get to a payphone,” she answered. A car whizzed past them. “Do you have any quarters?”


“Check in the door,” she said, pointing to the passenger side.

Elijah climbed into the front and began searching through the pile of change, including a few hairpins.

“Don’t you have a cell?” He scraped out two quarters.

“I’m going to call Stanfield.”

Elijah looked up.


“The guy in your house,” she answered. “I think he’s been playing two sides.”

“You know he let me go.”

She glanced over at him for a moment. She looked back to the road. They rounded a corner.

“Well, He’s the one that called me in.” She paused. “You should move to the backseat.”

Elijah climbed back over. They stopped at a traffic light that merged onto busier road. At least it would have been busier in the daylight. She turned onto it.

“I think there’s a gas station around here,” she muttered to herself.

“Should be on your left.”

When they pulled up, there was only one other car. There was no sign of anyone inside the store. A few cars whizzed by on the road.
Adrian got out and told Elijah to stay inside.

He noticed someone getting out of the other car just as she walked up to the payphone.

2 thoughts on “Raptor, 10

  1. I love the fact he rummages through a huge pile of shoes… shoe obsession maybe? Also, when he landed on the top of the car it reminded me of Captain america on top of the yellow taxi cap… except Elijah is more graceful :)


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