(Note: In case it’s unclear, after the plane crash the military was investigating and searching for survivors. They found Elijah after he had escaped from the Correlation. Sorry about any confusion.)

He wasn’t prepared to tell Adrian that. He had known her since college, for over ten years. At that time, when they were college, she was considering joining the military. He was studying biochemistry, spending late nights in the lab after hours going over his own blood work again and again.

Now Elijah stuttered for an answer. She glanced over at him, waiting for it. He had a feeling she was determined not to be the one to break the silence. And he didn’t have any answers.
He leaned back and looked out the window, watching the road and the city go by as they headed towards the coast.

   Towards the coast. Elijah sat up.

“You’re heading the wrong,” he said. Adrian glanced over at him.

“No,” she answered.

“Not if you’re driving me home,” he corrected. “Remember I moved to the city. I’m not living at the big house anymore.”

“Look, just try to relax. You were just stranded and dehydrated-“

“I am relaxed! Just drive me home!”

She raised an eyebrow. He was sitting straight up, tensely.

“Fine, I’m a little tight,” he said, slumping back. He crossed his arms. “Please turn around from whatever weird direction you’re going and drive me home.”
She switched lanes.

“You’re still going the wrong way,” he muttered. He waited for her to say anything. She kept her eyes on the road and merged onto a fast lane that eventually joined another highway.
Elijah caught sight of the moon peeking about between the buildings as the loomed past them.

“Ok, fine, drive me to the big house,” he said quietly. Adrian evidently wasn’t going to turn around. “But I don’t have any keys.”

Once on the highway, Adrian soon took another exit, leading to a seemingly deserted road and overpass. She sped away to the right, up towards the coast. It was dark away from the highway lights. There were woods on either side of the road, and she drove fast along the ups and downs and steady slope. The ‘big house’ was on a hill. Elijah knew the way well. Every turn and old fencepost.
But he was completely clueless to why Adrian was insitent. Irrational.

They continued driving up the road. The dark woods sped by.

They came to a stop sign and turned right. Again, towards the coast, farther up the hill. Elijah cracked the window down a bit. The smell of the ocean was strong out there.

Adrian slowed the car down. He knew the iron rod gate would be on the left. It would be locked.

Strangely enough as they pulled up the light at the gate was on, and the gate opened. Elijah glanced over at her. She calmly drove through and up the drive, winding a bit through the trees before they cleared.
The house appeared. A large white house, with far too many garages around a circle with a fountain in the center. The fountain was off. They pulled up to the circle.

Elijah rolled up the window. There were lights on in the house.

He sat back.

“So, who’s home?”

She parked the car and turned off the ignition.

“I guess you’ll have to find out,” she said. He turned and looked at her. He couldn’t anymore believe that she didn’t know anything about who he really was, or what had really happened in the jungle. He was no longer second guessing himself that this was paranoia. Don had been right.

“What is this?” he asked. “What do you know?”

“I don’t know anything,” she shrugged. “They called me and told me to drive you here. So that’s what I did.”

“Who called you?”

“A contact from the military.”

“Why would they call you?”

“Who else would they call, Elijah? You’re parents are dead, you don’t have any siblings, they already called your lawyer and he’s in New York,  and out of all the people you know I’m the only friend you really got.”
Elijah was quiet for a moment. She was right on that point.

“Except my dog,” he added. He looked back at her. The look in her eyes didn’t seem like they were directed towards a friend.

“Well, are you going to go in?” She unlocked the car. She pulled his bag out from the back and placed it between them.
He grabbed one of the straps.

“Are you going to come in with me?” he asked. It wasn’t a welcome, he just wanted to see if she would.
She shook her head. He wasn’t surprised.

“No, I got to get back,” she answered.

He opened the door and got out, slinging the bag over one shoulder.

“If there’s someone waiting in there to kill me I’m blaming you,” he said.

He caught a glint of warning in her eyes, not amusement.

He slammed the car door and walked up to the porch. She turned the ignition back on and drove round the circle back to the drive.
Elijah hesitated at the door. He stood there till the sound of the car whirred away into the woods, and he was left alone with the crickets, and a soft roar of the sea.

The door was unlocked.

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