Yep.  This morning was a blizzard. Very windy. Very white. And actually still is.

Of course, like it is every February when the big snow storm hits, Dad is out of town. That leaves me being in charge of making sure we are not stuck in the driveway. Last year I shoveled, this year I learned how to use the snow blower.
Of course I kind of forgot how to start it.

Eventually I figured it out, after staring at it and pressing this and pulling that and staring some more and muttering some indistinguishable phrases.

When I was doing that I noticed this switch:




And I was like, “Bunny? What does the bunny mean? Probably speed or something.” So I turned the switch all the way up to Bunny.

So I started plowing.

(Apparently Mom was talking pictures of me. Dad wanted one)
(Apparently Mom was talking pictures of me. Dad wanted one)

I noticed that the snow plow didn’t seem to be going as fast as I remembered it did. I looked at it again. Anything that looked like speed was all the way up.
But I had the choke on.

I though maybe it needed to be turned off.

I did.

The snow exploded.

All of a sudden the snow blower was roaring and the snow flying like five feet in the air and half way across the yard in a big WHOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!!!!And I was just like “Ahhhhh!!!!!” (internally) “This isn’t right! This isn’t right!”

I turned it off and took a look at the settings.


I turned down the Bunny scale. I started the snow blower and it went back to normal speed. So evidently “Bunny” means SNOW EVERYWHERERERERRE!!!!!!!!


And thus, the driveway was finished. And the moral of the story is: Don’t use Bunny.

~Alp out.

4 thoughts on “Caradhas

  1. AWESOME!! Ya gotta love a snow blower!! Paul learned to use the one at Grandma Vegas’s house this year!

    I loved this post! I felt like I was right there with you inside your head! AHHHHHHH!!


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