I was breathing fast, both from the run and the rain. It had begun slow, but now was speeding up. And it was cold.

Donny looked over at me. She was deciding whether to trust me or not. She looked perplexed, disturbed. She didn’t seem to notice the rain.

“But I found you,” my double protested. “You were going to explore the woods.”

“I had walked through the woods, and thought maybe I had reached the other side,” Donny answered. She was still looking at me. “But then you convinced me that I hadn’t.”

“But you did reach the other side,” I put in. “Now let’s just go back to our side.”

If she didn’t decide fast I considered just leaving. The rain had picked up. And I got colder and wetter as time went one. Crows still cawed. It promised to be a long storm.
Donny started walking towards me.

“Good idea,” she said. And she started walking fast, practically running. I swung around to catch up with her as she started down the hill.
Neither of the doubles was following. I looked back to make sure.

Donny had a set gaze in front of her. She was going straight to the woods. I ran up to her side. Now the rain came in a downpour. It bit down like cold knives and blurred everything in front of me. As though putting to face the confusion in my head.
She started to jog. Evidently she didn’t want to get caught in the rain. When we reached the woods, we were soaked.

We ran in a few yards. We stopped once the trees were able to shelter us a little from the downpour.

I heard her breathing hard and shivering. It was dark under the trees. Darker than it had been before. I was cold too, but I think my jacket was a little thicker than Donny’s.
She leaned forward, hands on her knees.

“Myra was right about last night,” she gasped out.

I couldn’t see the house anymore. The hill blocked it.

“You were out here last night. Except, not you.” She looked up at me and brushed the hair out of her eyes.
I looked back at her but didn’t say anything. It all seemed too insane to me. I slid down against the trunk of the tree. I shook my head. I was shivering from more than just the cold.

“The rain isn’t going to quiet down,” I said. “We should make a break for it.”

For some reason the garden door was locked. We ran round to the front. The rain hadn’t slowed. I was wet to the skin. Donny ran ahead of me to the shelter of the porch. She banged on the door.

“Hey!” she called. Her voice was hoarse. I trudged up the steps. “You locked us out!”

When I got up there the door opened. But I looked back when I heard a crow cawing behind me.

I was surprised when I heard Myra’s voice. I swung around. I had expected the butler to answer the front.

“Donna! What are you doing out?” She asked and Donny rushed herself in. I slipped in as Myra began to close the door. She must not have noticed me. “I searched the whole garden for you!”

Donny began tying up her hair. I took off my jacket. I started up the hall past them. I was trying to get out unnoticed.

“You were acting so weird last night about the moor. And the woods. Talking about some sort of experiment, which by the way I still want to ask you about – why on earth would you want to work with such a creep like what’s-his-face the scientist – over there, and how you saw him last night, babbling on and on about containment issues and something about someone’s uncle. I just couldn’t handle any more of it!”
She let out a heavy sigh, finishing her monologue.

Myra was silent. I continued quietly up the hall. But then I felt her eyes on the back of my head.

“And you went with him?” Myra was horrified. I stopped in my tracks.

“Well, I didn’t like go with him,” Donny tried to explain.

“Look,” I said, turning around. “I don’t have anything to do with it.”

“You don’t have anything to do with what?” Myra snapped.

“Whatever you think I have something to do with,” I answered. I wanted to get out it. And get dry.

“To do with our little experiment over there?”

I swung around at the sound of that voice.


One thought on “The Moor, Part IIX

  1. So, that line that the main character said about not knowing anything anything about what she said he might reminded me of a line from the Thin Man… so funny!


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