I stood. Not moving. Not blinking. And possibly not breathing. If I was ever slow to act, I certainly was then.
It was me.

  Double Effect.

I stayed where I was, watching Donny chipper on to who she thought was me. And I certainly would have if I was standing in her position.
Then all of a sudden they started walking towards the moor. The wrong moor.

I didn’t know what to do. But  I started walking after them, ducking under some low branches. Twigs snapped beneath my feet, but the two ahead of me didn’t notice. I followed them onto the moor, watching the back of my own head.

I didn’t know if I should shout out to Donny, or stay behind them and see what would happen.

And then it got worse when I wondered if it was the real Donny.

The only way I would know is if I went back. If there was no Donny back there, that would solve my problem.

Then Donny looked over her shoulder. She must have heard me slipping in the grass. She stopped.

“What……” she stuttered. She stared at me. I stopped and didn’t move. The other me continued on for a little while.

“What is it now?” he asked. He paused and looked over at Donny. Then he spotted me.  His eyes, just like mine, looking at me.

But Donny had suddenly started running. Running back towards the double house.

“You two figure it out!” she yelled behind her. She ran as fast as she could over the moor.

“Donny!” we both yelled. We started running too, springing at the same speed. But stopped once we noticed the other alongside us. We stopped and stared. I wondered if I had the same expression as he did. If he was like a mirror. The dark, wet hair. The out of tempered face.
And if he was like a mirror, he would have the same psyche. Or would it be opposite?

It seemed it was the same, because he didn’t do anything either. So I started slowly walking up towards the hill, keeping an eye on him.
He followed.

The wind picked up. It seemed rain was coming. But neither of us looked up to see. Until we heard a scream. Donny’s scream.
She met her double.

I ran. And my double was just as fast as me.

I couldn’t see over the top of the hill, not yet. The clouds were dark up there. Everything was darkening. Crows cawed as they waited for the rain.
We reached the top of the hill. We ran into the garden. There was Donny, staring at herself. Both were just as surprised as the other.
I stopped. My double ran on towards them up the garden path.

“What’s going on?” he asked. I stayed back. Waiting to see what would happen. The whole thing gave me the jitters.
They both looked over at him. One of them started, stuttering a little.

“I – you just – I saw another one of you so I ran for it, and now there’s another me,” she said. That was Donny.

“You’re talking to the wrong me,” I said. She whipped around.

It started to rain.

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