Sorry. It’s again really short. I wrote it last minute.

In the afternoon I went outside again. Despite my Uncle’s warnings, I strayed far from the path. I went straight down the hill into the moor, right towards the woods. And they  were suspiciously  enough no longer in their odd formation.

The ground was soggy under the grasses and shrubs. Unfortunately I wasn’t wearing any boots. I trudged across the moor, smelling the still water, the living scent of the forest rushing towards me. I could smell rotting wood too.
A few crows circled overhead, but none came down.

A looked back behind me. The house was half hidden by the hill.

The woods remained the same even until I reached them.

I stepped under the branches. The ground was dark with rotting leaves. And ahead of me the forest seemed even darker. It tremored with drips of perspiration. I stood up straight after ducking under the branches.

I walked further in. And the further I went in, the darker it became.

The air was stuffy and damp, but it wasn’t long before I saw light ahead again. The woods had ended. I hadn’t expected them to be that small.
There was a moor up ahead too, and a hill above that.

I stepped out of the woods. I saw a house half hidden by the hill. A huge old house, with untended garden around it. A crow was sitting on a tree and cawing.

It looked just like my Uncle’s. A little too much like my Uncle’s.

I stepped further out and looked back at the woods.

The trees were lined up perfectly, with one gaping hole in the middle of each trunk.

“That’s not right,” I murmured. I looked back again at the house.

The crow stopped cawing. And when I looked at the tree I noticed that it was gone. I turned around to head back through the woods. It felt like it was about to rain. Of course it had felt like that all day.
I almost fell backwards.

The crow flew out of the trees, spreading it claws out as though to grab my face.

But instead it turned skyward again. I watched it fly away.

Then I headed back through the woods. Drops of rain had begun to patter on the trees.

I would have to ask my Uncle about his neighbor. Though I was also began to wonder if I should.

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