So I’m sitting on the couch with my knees pulled up in front of my face. Mom is on the computer.
She looks over at me.

She asks, “What are you doing?”
Opens up knees,

I answer, “Just writing something down.”

Mom, “Want to watch Thor?”

Me, “We just watched it.”

(literally last night)

Looks back at her computer, then back at me again.

Mom, “You know, I think you do really like Thor.”

Me, “Ah. No.”

(As I truly don’t)

Mom, “I think that deep, deep, deep, way deep down you love Thor.”

Me, “Hmmm….no.”

Mom, “No, way deep, deep, deep, down past Afghanistan.”

Me, “What?!”

And then we also decided that there should be a scene with Darcy and Loki. Because then Loki would have met his match because Darcy would be completely unfazed no matter what he said. Plus. it. would. be. hysterical.

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