So. We came back from the convention in KY (what a story. But never mind) and then we (Mom, Thol, and I) decided to pack it up and head to visit my Aunt Johanna. As Mom said, “We’ll just move from our couch to her couch.”
And bring all our food. Like. All of it. And then suddenly Thol alerted us:

“You know, we’ll taking all the food from Dad.”
Me and Mom, “Uh. Oh.”

So we told Dad to get some food. We shoved everything in the car and were off!

We arrived and mushed. Just as Mom said, “from our couch, to her couch.” I wrote (quite speedily), Mom worked on e-mails, Thol searched through CDs for dance music, and the dogs slept under the porch.
Then Thol and I decided to make the needle felting kit that Aunt Johanna had given us. I made this:




And now I think I’m addicted to felting. It was so fun!! Poke poke poke poke. (that’s what you do….poke wool with a super sharp needle till everything sticks together).

In the evening we went and took a walk outside (more like Mom takes photos, I tramp off somewhere, and Thol picks flowers). When Thol and I were in  side field full of tall waving grass, I decided to run through it dramatically (music video style). In which case I took a few strides and I was in the mowed path.

Me, “Well that bliss was short lived.”
Thol told me to try another placed. So I did. And ran through a few more places. Eventually we all went back inside.

And my legs were entirely covered in bug bites and rashes. Oh well.

Thol, “That’s  lot of bug bites, Bug.”

(that’s my nickname)

Me, “What can I say, my extended family loves me.”

After dinner we went outside again for some reason and Thol and I started taking pictures….

I got these:

(edited of course)
(close up)

~Alp out

One thought on “Adventures in MI

  1. What a fun blog! Can we please now go put on our dance costumes and take more gorgeous pics???!!!! In the field with the bugs that ate you and not me in my burgandy tutu??


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