Sorry I didn’t post on Sunday, or Monday, or yesterday. And my excuse is pretty poor.  I wasn’t busy, I wasn’t without anything to post about, I just didn’t feel like it.
Partially because I didn’t feel like hooking Mom’s computer up to the scanner (it’s a bigger hassle than it sounds)(also because I had gone to the metro parks with Maggie and Oliver. And we had run around a lot. At least Maggie and I did. And wow was it a gorgeous day) Because I had to scan in some artwork that I’ve done recently:

birdlady2jabberwock (1)space2


Wednesday was interesting….it seemed by the end of it Mom and I got really tired (for reasons unknown). And we started to talk gibberish to each other (I’m forgetting how it began) and to Dad. Of course I was trying to eat dinner at the same time. I ended up having to go up stairs to take a sip of water because I was laughing to hard with everyone making weird sound to each other.

Then Mom asked me if I was going to pluck my eyebrows. I said no, and I said that  I liked them.

Then Mom said: “So is that your last stand, going to throw down the Guillotine?”

Me, “You mean the gauntlet?”
And thus we burst out laughing.

So life continues. And my dance recital nears (!!!!!!)


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