Last night Mom and I stayed up till 12:30-ish watching Fellowship of the Ring. Then I went to bed, and woke back up again at 3:50 to watch the canonization of St. John Paul II and St. John XXIII. I’m still not quite sure how I rolled out of bed and stayed up till 6 when the Mass was over. Of course by then it was almost light out. I should have just stayed up, except the fact that my eyes wouldn’t stay open. So I went back to bed.
Then had an enormous breakfast of buckwheat pancakes this morning.

And last night Mom made my laugh a bit hysterically while watching Fellowship, because for some reason I brought up the fact that elves don’t sleep, unless they are really, really exhausted. And then the part one Arwen walks in after Aragorn puts the shards of Narsil down….I can’t even remember what Mom said, but something about why Arwen’s eyes are so wide open because she never sleeps. Ok, it was really funny when it happened.
I know. It doesn’t make any sense. I’m sorry that I can’t repeat the scenario. But it made me die of laughter.

And I took some pictures yesterday:

DSC_0066 DSC_0091 DSC_0163 DSC_0182



Alp out.


2 thoughts on “LaLaLaLa

  1. So love the owl photo!!!!!! I wish I could have been with you guys last night… miss you so much.. this was a happy little blog post :)


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