Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, or earlier today. Because yesterday was busy and this morning Thol left again for college (which was not fun) so I helped mom clean the basement (but eventually abandoned my post because it got way too cold down there and it was like 75 outside) and then wrote and edited.

Yes! Thol came home late Wednesday night (which it technically Thursday morning, but whatever). On Saturday, Thol and I decorated Easter eggs, and found a brilliant new idea: to use sharpies or paint pens. The outcome? Here it is:


Thol also named me an Egg Killer because I dropped a couple eggs and cracked them. Sorry!!! Then that night the four of us went to the Easter Vigil Mass, along with Brenda and Poncho (who was a very entertaining back seat buddy). It was a really beautiful and awesome Mass, though when they turned the lights on after most of the readings, I thought I was going to go temporarily blind for a second (I didn’t though). But I loved how the Church was all dark, especially because the first one is about the creation of the world so it fit so perfectly. Then Sunday morning (Which, by the way, we got to bed at like 2:00 since Thol came back. And then slept in, so that helped repeat the pattern somehow) Maggie came over, and somehow it turned into a dance party, more accurately described  as a performance, in which Thol and I sung (and danced/acted) almost every song from Frozen (in which one part I tried to sing Anna’s part by myself and didn’t work because I can’t sing that high, so Thol took over) (And then during the reprise of First Time in Forever, everyone in the room started screaming, or shouting, or something, and Thol turned the music up and I’m still not sure what happened, but I have suspicions that it was Dad’s fault.) Then we did some song from Newsies (though we didn’t know the lyrics all the time). Then I made some lunch for some people (ignore that fact that it was 2:00 in the afternoon) and sadly Maggie had to leave. :(
And then we had an awesome dinner. And went to see Captain America again!!!!!!!!! (And at the end Thol jerked and gasped every time Captain America got shot, punched, or stabbed. It was beginning to freak me out. Her responses were. Though I did make a face when he got stabbed. I hadn’t noticed that before).

I think some interesting conversations happened this weekend but I can’t remember anything, except that Mom and Poncho apparently started singing “Do you want to kill a snowman?”

So. That was my weekend. And Easter continues. Alleluia!

~Alp out.


One thought on “Happy Easter!!!!

  1. Reading this makes me want to come back home again now!! I want to have more awesome adventures with you…. sorry about my reactions…. It was intense.. so I was intense…;)


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