Thursday was kind of an interesting day. Dance went fine that morning. Then Mom and I went to the mall to get a bridal shower present. After we found that we wandered off into the household wares section of Dillard’s. I think the lady there thought I was the one getting married. Awkward.
So then we came home and started the next stage of cleaning the house (my Aunt Johanna came in for the weekend), which is vacuuming.

I started doing the stairs, but it wasn’t sucking anything up. I called for Mom. She said it had to be emptied again. So we sat down in the hallway and Mom started to take the plastic thingy out and dump it into the trash bag.
Until it got stuck. And would

Some filter (made of “cheap foam. This isn’t a filer, it’s cheap foam!!” as Mom said.) had slipped down and prevented Mom from taking it out. And then she began blowing up, as she was already a little stressed out. I also happened to be a bit crabby that day.

Mom, “Nothing works anymore! Why can’t they just make a vacuum! Everything’s made in China!”
When we did, finally,  by some button on the back of it, got the filter thing out and dumped out all the dust, Mom went into the kitchen to wipe off, still going on.

From the kitchen I hear, “I have dirt all over my pants! I hate these pants anyway. ” walks back into hallway “They don’t fit. No one makes clothes that fit anymore!!”
Me, a bit tentatively, “Well, that shirt fits.”
“Well….. YEAH.”
I burst out laughing. After her going on and on about everything and finally the only thing she has to say, and with such fierceness, is “YEAH.”
She followed in my laughter.
And then on Friday we saw Captain America.


Dad and I want to go see it again. :)

And I practiced more driving. I  almost crashed into fire hydrant today (as I remained perfectly calm and maneuvered back to the road Dad let out a loud gasp.) but pulled successfully out of the driveway twice. And I went through a stop sign…..whoops. That is why I practice in the development I live in at the moment.

And that is how this week went.

~Alp out.

P.S I reached 90,000 words on my novel. :D





One thought on “Another Day in the Life

  1. I’m so excited to come home!!!!!! I want to clean with you guys and be with you…. Also maybe be driven by you around the block :0


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